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E-Mail Consultation - Service Related

E-Mail Consultation - Service Related


This service is similar to our normal E-mail consultation package, but for work related inquiries that would go beyond the 2 - 3 supplementary smaller replies in planning. In situation where planning will require long, drown out discussions, our review of multiple pieces of information, or situations where we may be going over the details of the working multiple time this service may become necessary. This service covers 3 replies, reviews of information no more than 2 pages long, and/or our responses to these things in complete but concise methods. This also may be required if we are asked to plan out in more detail a complex service or work. We, at The Rosequartz Labyrinth determine if a review, rework, or other such meets our criteria for requiring this service. Very large projects that have multiple pages of documentation on what needs done may require multiple purchases of this service for us to complete, and we will inform the client of this need. For exceptionally large projects, we may ask you to purchase this service more than once to cover our time in reviewing detailed information.

This service is not for ritual creation, we have a separate service listed for that.


This service is NOT needed for services questions, requests for a new service to be listed, suggestions for services, suggestions for general articles or shows to be done by us, or things related to services in that way. This is only for situations in which the planning of a service, such as large scale rituals, high level talismans or attunements, or things of that nature are requested. Most services do NOT need this, and most clients do not need to purchase this. Do not purchase this before discussing the working with us, if it seems we will need excessive investment of time in discussion on a project, or if you believe the project will require complex back and forth planning beyond quicker e-mail communications of a few sentences at a time, let us know the situation and we'll determine if you should purchase this at any point.

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