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Ezzerie Steambolt
  • Ezzerie Steambolt

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    Appearing as a woman with bright blond hair, this part Fae Celestial takes her Fae family name “Steambolt” and exemplifies their powers with an exceptional ability set centered around steam, illusions, and lightning energies.

    Energetic, and almost sparky, are good words for her. She has a kind of upbeat and happy personality, and enjoys anything that in the realm of play. For her, most work “IS” play as she enjoys using her abilities fully and testing her limits.

    She has a myriad of abilities, starting with her innate ones which are the power to create and control mists of steam in which phantom illusions can appear. This power in the planes is an effective and amazing distraction against foes, and allows her to begin to influence their minds. In our realm its a subtle ability to influence others. She also has vaster powers in the ability to create and channel lightning energies directly. She has enough control to create a large (house sized) lightning shield, while still firing amazing bolts of energy. Beyond this she has a moderate training (on par with a L8 Focused Conjure) in other Fae magicks, and a greater level of training (On par with a L12) in harnessing her Celestial Energies more directly. This lack of focus on the Celestial Energies are because she herself is still learning and growing in those, so she will become stronger over time.

    Classification: Warrior 9, Guardian 7, Guide 3, Healer 6, Mystic 8, Generalist 10

    Age: ~200 Years

    Offerings: Any are good, but she enjoys candles and incense a great deal, as well as sweet smells and flavors.

    Level: 32

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