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Consultation Services - Live and Chat

Consultation Services - Live and Chat


Consultations are one of our most highly requested service and we are offering it to suit a variety of options and situations. A consultation can be used to get insight into your situation, mystical training, or to help you better your skills. In the case of readings a consultation may last less time at the discretion of the client but no refund for the time not used is permitted. In the case of communications difficulties consultations will be rescheduled. Please contact us via e-mail if you would like to schedule a live consultation. Consultations take place over Skype or Google Hangouts for your convenience. Consultations are scheduled for 1 hour or part thereof. In the case of a dropped call that can not be re-established we will reschedule for the remaining time. Cancellations are not refundable, but we will reschedule as needed. Likewise emergencies can cause for us to have to reschedule a Consultation and we will contact you ASAP if that becomes an issue.


Contact us ahead of time to schedule your consultation for a certain time.

Consultation Services are available from 2PM Eastern Time to 8PM Eastern Time. All discussion for time scheduling must be done in Eastern Time Zone Format. We make these available Monday - Friday. Consultations should be scheduled at least a day ahead of time, though we can not gaurantee a consultation time with only a day advanced notice. A consultation time is NOT locked in until we respond to your e-mail letting you know the time is good for us as well. 

Cancelations are non-refundable, rescheduling incurs a $35 fee if done 2 hours or more before a consultation. If rescheduling at less than 2 hours, but before the time of an appointment the fee is $45.


As Consultations are considered renting a time slot for advice from us failure to show up at a scheduled consultation time will result in a forfeit of the consultation fee. You may book a new consultation by paying a new invoice for a new time slot, but will not be refunded the forfeited fee.

We may waive these fee and conditions in the case of emergencies or uncontrollable situations such as internet or phone outages, power outages, family emergencies, or things of this nature. This is at our discretion as we will determine if your situation meets us waiving our fees, or allowing a free reschedule for an abandoned appointment.

Likewise, a service scheduled for a time at which we have some interruption of ultities or emergency will result in a reschedule or store credit in the form of a coupon at our discretion.

Live Consultation Services include the full price, there is a small discount for Chat Consultation Services in which the consultation is done in plain text. All fees and conditions apply to both.


Consultations are done through Skype, Discord, or Facebook.

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