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Major Arcana Attunement Spirit Chooses

Major Arcana Attunement Spirit Chooses


With this option the spirit can choose any of the Major Arcana Attunements. If you want to limit their chooses, because of already having other Major Arcana Attunements, make sure to provide us with a list of what attunements they already have.

  • Tarot Options

    The Fool:

    Provides Road Opening potentials as a form of attunement. This means a degree of probability manipulation in which new roads are opened. While most magick follows this method The Fool can provide roads that normally wouldn't be seen. Beings attuned with this generally gain abilities focused more toward creating new random outcomes in a general direction. Great for creating new beginnings. As an attunement the fool provides a degree of ability to open “new unseen roads” toward a more general destination. In some ways more powerful than The Magician it is far less focused.


    The Magician:

    Great for manifestation, especially in bringing directed changes. The Magician is the Card of High Magick and represents all 4 elemental weapons. Beings attuned with this often manifest the 4 elemental weapons (Wand/Staff, Sword/Dagger, Chalice, Pentacle/Disc/Shield) and some degree of control over those elements. More over they are able to boost ritual magick work, making the being more suited to ritual, and providing them the ability to focus their magicks more toward outcome manifestation.


    The High Priestess:

    Focusing on the Duality of light and dark The High Priestess grants a being often a kind of “holy light and dark” energy. This attunement can be honed in various ways beyond this, but if used without honing will generally focus on holy protective, cleansing, and other such energies.


    The Empress:

    A great attunement for a female being to display a bit more presence, the Empress card has a strong physical presence as an attunement. Excellent as a power boost for female entities it also generally grants them some degree of power over lesser beings. The Empress is centered around love, and the realm of passion, so if a being is already focusing in those areas for manifestation this attunement will amplify that. When used with a male or female being it grants them access to areas of influencing matters of the heart and emotions more easily.


    The Emperor:

    The counterpart to the Empress the Emperor enhances a male beings presence in the same way the Empress does a female beings. Granting considerable power over lesser beings the Emperor boosts the attuned's authority and strength of will. As a card of ruling power the Emperor is suited for amplifying the command of a primary leader in group, can grant them the wisdom of the emperor, and can increase their defensive properties somewhat. For a male or female being the Emperor grants a degree of sight, understanding, and tactical awareness as well as somewhat stronger dominion over lesser beings than the Empress Attunement does.


    The Hierophant:

    Holy power, specifically white light, and the power of healing is the core of the Hierophant attunement. Beings taking this attunement on often gain increased healing, defensive, and other abilities. They generally are better able to manifest light energies and can often create holy spaces, banish more easily, and perform tasks in line with this.


    The Lovers:

    Granting power over the areas of love, the heart, and emotion this card focuses on the purity of love as a power and is suited for male or female companions. The Lovers is more about the energies of love, emotion, and to a lesser degree communication than raw abandon and passion.


    The Chariot:

    The battle charge more than anything is the power associated with this. It provides an increase often to movement, speed, raw power, and combat prowess. Often manifesting as armor, some form of movement such as a chariot, or a weapon The Chariot is a core combat attunement suited for destructive and protective forces.



    Where the Chariot is focused in battle Strength is focused in raw power. Granting an increase into physical strength, and sometimes physical manifestation, Strength is all about increasing direct power. In terms of protection, defense, and attack Strength is more attack oriented than The Chariot, but less combat focused. This is suitable for a being who wants to grow in power, but not necessarily combat force.


    The Hermit:

    Sight and the ability to see is the power of the Hermit and beings attuned with this cards energy gain extended awareness, seeing more clearly time and space as it moves. It grants a being considerable foresight, and a degree of manifestation. Often beings attuned to this will gain something representing of the Hermit's lantern or staff as a spiritual object.


    Wheel of Fortune:

    Amplifying both probability control, and the ability to create Chaos its best to let us know the direction you want us to take this card in. Another potential of it is the ability to grant a degree of temporary random abilities to a conjure. As the Wheel of Fortune is always in motion these are temporary boosts that your familiar conjure can call upon. This cards energies can be honed at the time of attunement toward the above mentioned tasks as needed.

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    Justice is all about righting wrongs, and that requires power. This often lends to the conjure powers such as the light of truth, a sword of justice, or other such weapons or abilities depending on how it manifests. The result is an undeniable increase in protective or aggressive power when seeking out justice though. The only downside to this as an attunement is that it means a power or ability that doesn't work for vengeance. Some may see that as a downside, we see it as a good thing and are glad that such an attunement works in this way.


    The Hanged Man:

    This Attunement is all about awakening, and often has some power of sacrifice involved in it. It allows beings to, under some stress to themselves, become stronger and more enlightened/aware. It is a representation of Odin's sacrifice gives beings often a manifested ability that has a strong benefit, but at some cost to them. An attunement that can be honed toward offense, defense, manifestation, or other purposes its a good idea to talk to us about how you would like us to focus this attunement.



    Power over necromantic energies is often a positive thing and Death provides that. This is all about working with death energies, the darker side of the spectrum, and grants a degree of power over that to the familiar spirit. Manifestations of this are often inline with the core understandings of death and may include black robes and a weapon manifestation, or simply direct power over the darker energies of death. A great power for creating endings that lead to new beginnings the power of death is more than the power to kill, but to bring forth new life.



    The ability to bring balance is a powerful force. Temperance is a power focused on creating such balance and is great for shifting things that are out of alignment back into alignment. A great attunement for a healing spirit Temperance is incredibly useful for beings seeking to enhance the healing arts, beings of balance as a power amplifier, or creating peace from chaos.


    The Devil:

    The Devil is the passionate side of the Lovers card and is all about passion, the power of the earth, and energies related to this. This is a good attunement for demons as it often brings forth powers in good association with their nature, but is great for any being of a more passionate or earthly nature.


    The Tower:

    Sometimes you want a cannon. The Tower is that cannon. This attunement gives a raw destructive force that the being can call upon often in the form of an overloaded ability that can be used a few times before they must rest it. The Tower is about total destruction. Unlike Justice, this is a powerful force that does not concern itself with ideas like Karma and is more about just devastation and laying waste. Great for a defensive being as an imposing offense is a powerful defense.


    The Star:

    Celestial energies of the Star have to do with extra-planer and skyward powers. These energies have a kind of twilight, neutral light, type of energy simlar to the Moon but less imposing. Beings who are attuned with this often notice a power increase as they draw on the power of the stars. Abilities gained from such an attunement may include things like creating star light constructs, illusion control, enhanced clarity of sight, and many others.


    The Moon:

    The Moon Attunement is another great one for mystical manifestation. This attunement is almost always tied into the cycles of the moon, giving the being an incredible boost in manifestation ability during period of the full moon, the ability to drain energy from a situation as the moon wanes, and the ability to amplify a situation as the moon waxes.


    The Sun:

    One of the oldest recognized powers in mysticism the sun is the “Pure Light” but is not Holy in the way of the Heirophant. This is about purity as being untainted, like the light of day. Amazingly powerful for cleansing and defense it may also have offensive qualities. Like all attunements this can be honed toward one direction or another so if you have a particular direction in mind let us know.



    If Justice is blind then Judgment is sighted. This attunement is all about aggression toward those who have wronged you. It grants the being some level of retribution that goes beyond traditional justice, but may also include an aspect of karmic repercussion. More often than not this attunement acts as a “karmic accelerator” so in situations where one is injured through no fault of their own acts as a healing power, a retributive power against wrongs done. It often manifests as a sword or weapon of some form.


    The World:

    Natural energies of life and the powers of the earth are the core of this card. For those seeking to grant a stronger connection to the life force of our realm to their companions this is the attunement to go for. Its manifestations are many and varied but it is great for life force connection and highly recommended for healing.

    Knights and Rulers:

    Knight and Ruler Card Attunement options can be included in this as well, but are only included in this way upon request. 

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