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Reinoha Flitter
  • Reinoha Flitter

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    Appearing as a blue humming bird with golden fire around her, she is a powerful healer, cleanser, and working of magicks in general. She is more healer than anything else, and has a very up beat, fast thinking, and fast moving personality. Because of her nature, she instills an uplifting energy into those she is healing and working with, empowering them with greater energies when doing healing work. She's capable at good shielding, and has a lot of skills in many areas, especially in the areas of arts, poetry, and mathematics. She has a great love of art, and a good sense of humor. Her compassion is without fail, making her an excellent healer, and she can use her magicks to enhance the power of those around her as well.

    Classification: Warrior 0, Guardian 5, Guide 6, Healer 10, Mystic 7, Generalist 6

    Age: ~800 Years

    Offerings: Candle Offerings

    Level: 29

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