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Relegain Masterstaff
  • Relegain Masterstaff

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    He is a powerful Half Elf, Half Ascended human with long white hair. He utilizes staves as an amazing weapon. He can channel elemental forces through the staves, creating blasts of elements form the tips, charging with the elemental power to strike with, or slamming the ground creating a wall of elemental force that will remain after he has left the area for several hours. Because of this focus on the staff as a weapon and focus point for magick he is an amazing combatant. He favors a quote from one of our martial artists Bruce Lee “I do not fear the man who has practiced a thousand punches once, I fear the man who has practiced one punch a thousand times.” He excels in that, and can summon a staff to him from any place. Even in a dimensional lock down, he need only hold out his hand, and a staff will teleport to him, and he can begin his “art and craft.”


    Outside of battle, he enjoys wood working, reading, and generally focusing on gaining knowledge and understanding of the worlds and realms he has encountered. He is in essence one who likes to be prepared, and is often readying himself for the next potential situations with a zeal.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 9, Guide 3, Healer 1, Mystic 4, Generalist 1

    Age: ~2,500 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 29

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