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Shyree Fastwing
  • Shyree Fastwing

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    A beautiful Fae mystic, she has long brown hair, purple wings, and an enchanting smile. She is a master of Nature magicks, but has a passion and love of all magick, making her an expert student in many arts. She has studied with the Aesir, Vanir, Jotunn, Gnomes, Daoine Sidhe, Elves (Light, Dark, and Norse), Elementals, and has taken her time here to study Metal Golem magicks with our own Golden Golem who was willing to teach her a few things and give her some crystals containing knowledge on other areas. She picks up magicks the way a card collector picks up new cards, and then pulls from them the best arts and combines them with her Nature Magicks for an amazing mix. While she is herself not great as a warrior, her shields are top notch, and she has an extreme focus on defensive magick, cleansing, removing barriers, and healing magicks.


    She has a friendly personality, but may seem a little shy at at times, waiting for others to speak first before she replies. Despite this, she is incredibly social in her own way, often acting as a kind of sounding board for other conjures, a problem solver who seeks solutions others may miss, and just a good friend to those around her. Her interests are many, including surprisingly sports. While she is not competitive herself, she LOVES watching competition.


    Classification: Warrior 4, Guardian 10, Guide 8, Healer 9, Mystic 10, Generalist 7

    Age: ~2,500 Years

    Offerings: She enjoys candle offerings the most, but will accept all offerings.

    Level: 36

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