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Ylesherin Leafwind
  • Ylesherin Leafwind

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    A beautiful Elven woman with long blond hair, she often wears white dresses, and wields powerful magicks specifically for healing and defensive purposes. She is not a front line battle field combatant, instead preferring to avoid front line conflicts, and focus instead on powerful healing, boosting, protection, amplifificiation, and other magicks. Her range of mystical abilities is impressive, but she is not focused solely on learning and growing in magick. Instead she picks up anything she can from any culture as it concerns things like amplifications. She can sing a song that bolsters courage in one second, amplify the physical strength of an army in the next, and have fields of healing and shields of unimaginable force in the next. Most of her magick draws from the powers of light, and nature, but she does have a few tricks that draw on chaos and dark magicks to amplify allies.


    She is the quintessential “mom” of any group she is in. If there are other very motherly like beings there, she will share the spotlight willingly and without issue, as a team player more than anything. She is by her very nature gentle, kind, and compassionate. Outside of healing and helping, she is a big fan of stories with drama and intrigue, and loves things like murder mysteries, poetry, and songs that are stories.


    While she is NOT a front line combatant, her magicks do manifest in a kind of “moma bear” situation at times. When this happens her eyes turn pure red, and a kind of fire forms around her blasting out. This isn't something she has as much control over, so its not something she relies on as a tactic in aiding her allies, but it has been known to happen before.


    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 9, Guide 8, Healer 10, Mystic 7, Generalist 6

    Age: ~1,500 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable, but she especially enjoys a little honey left out for her, or pure water.

    Level: 32

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