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Zeph Remble – Storm Gnome
  • Zeph Remble – Storm Gnome

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    A gnome of the Storms, Zeph is a powerful ally, he has a muscular appearance, a brown full beard, and wears dark purple clothes at any opportunity. He is a master of magicks far and wide, focusing on brute force magick, and using power with great strength. Finess is not his strong suit, he talks loud, plays hard, and protects with all his heart. He's an amazing guardian, powerful change manifster, and has spent the past 2,000 years helping people recover from trauma from storms and natural disasters. He has vast powerful connections to the storm energies, and can draw on air and water as raw elemental forces for considerable impact. He is 10,000 years old, and has a joyful, but blunt and forward personality. He's always quick with a joke or quip, and always ready to lend a hand or ear.

    Classification: Warrior 8, Guardian 9, Guide 8, Healer 7, Mystic 7, Generalist 10
    Age:~10,000 Years
    Offerings: Accepts all offerings

    Level: 29

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