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Creating a Firewall

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

As the modern world begins to influence the mystical understanding we start to borrow concepts into our magick. One that is often overlooked is the concept of a firewall. New and old mystical methods alike speak on the nature of influence from the outside, negative thoughts, curses, and all manner of things influencing us in our day to day life. The Fire Wall is a concept concerning selective shielding that works in two directions. The first of these would be the one we think of most often, preventing negative forces from coming in to influence us. The second of these would be preventing us from sending out information we don't want put out into the universe. Firewalls would be a simple type of servitor like spell, or talisman, since they have a degree of autonomy but are based on command.

The first concept is fairly straight forward so we won't go into a lot of detail on that today, but the second one is worth giving some consideration into if you consider creating a firewall. One of the classic downfalls of "hard shielding" is that it limits both what comes in (positive occurrences and energies) as well as many times limiting what goes out (communications, intent, influence). For a good firewall it has to work like a firewall on a network does, allowing normal operations that are beneficial while blocking negative operations.

While an aura acts somewhat like a firewall for blocking negativity we are going to focus on servitor creation for this purpose. A quick and simple firewall servitor then would be comprised of the core servitor creation methods, visualization, empowerment, stabilization, and repetition then coupled with some kind of selective isolation rule set. In a situation like this we'd recommend giving the servitor a pair of seals one indicating "blocked incoming" and one indicating "blocked out going". In this way you could place the seals on an altar with a list of things being blocked both incoming and outgoing. Things like attacks would be an obvious choice for the "blocked incoming" but for the outgoing things like negative thoughts, unfocused negative energies, and other such things could be good to reduce the influence of negative tendencies from influencing your own field of probability.

As a bonus you could even develop a method of cleansing for those negative forces coming in or going out, converting them to valuable energies to enhance your life.

While this is a very simple example of the methodology, and certainly meant to lead you to greater research, it is our hope that it sparks some interest and gets you considering new methods. As this is a quick introduction the complexities are skipped over as we encourage you to look up servitor creation methods if you aren't already familiar with them before implementing this method.

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