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Elements and Elemental Beings

Updated: Sep 28, 2022


Beings may have some energies or powers related to their element, or simply have the personality traits associated with their element. It should be noted that many beings have multiple Elemental Associations be it in personality, the elemental makeup, or things of that nature. These beings are not as uncommon as people might think. When specifying a beings element for conjure it is wise to state if the element is simply an emotional property, or an aspect of their physical energetic makeup.


Solidity, stability, strength, and calm are the qualities of beings that have the Earth Element as a primary part of what they are. Such beings have incredible durability and often have some healing elements to them. They tend toward the more logical but often have some level of compassion as is the nature of earth elements. They often favor browns and greens as colors. Beings of this element tend to be somewhat less talkative communicating more through feeling than words. They are dependable when set to any task.


Change, movement, adaptability, speed, and excitability are the qualities of beings that have the Air element as their primary. They tend to be passionate, mentally focused, talkative, focusing heavily on sound based communication. Beings with the Air element tend to be faster than the other elements as their energy is unison with the Air. Air elements are always in a state of change and tend to be very philosophical. When set to any task beings of this type tend to be the most creative yet not always the most resilient. They may need reminding or prompting to continue any work set to them.


Flow, with adaptable stability, and the ability to deal with any situation are the qualities of beings with the Water element as their primary. Water element beings are very calm, very hard to shake or disrupt, and very capable at a wide array of things. The element of water is flexible but stable and returns to form. Water beings tend to be very relax but can be vicious when angered much like the ocean. These beings are often easy to communicate with but range in their need for communication. While not always the most dependable when set to any task they are extremely adaptable and intuitive.


Emotional, passionate, and uncontrollable are often the terms associated with beings of the Fire element. They tend toward transformation, raw power, and intensity. They have much in the way of emotions both positive and negative and tend to be very engaging. They are high emotion type beings, when they are happy they are thrilled and when they are angry they are furious. There are no in between for these beings. These beings are excellent for situations that call for passion, a lack of restraint, or an all out rush.


Stability beyond stability. These beings are vastly hard to move or change. They tend toward cold logic and have a resilience that is legendary. They are not extremely communicative but are incredibly dependable and vastly knowledgeable. They tend toward the spectrum of analysis and are unshakable in their convictions. Excellent for guardians or in defensive roles. When set toward a task they tend to be methodical and consistent.


Growth and Transformation are the key components of this element. Beings of the wood element tend toward the spectrum of dependability, yet are always growing and changing. These are beings of improvement and a wood being is never satisfied with where they are or what they are. They are always on the road of self transformation. They tend toward the emotional side of things but are still very rational. They are a good choice for one who is seeking a being that will grow along with them and that is very “rooted” in who it is while still transforming its self. When set to a task they are very capable at success through self transformation and are fairly steadfast.


Burning brightness, stead fast convictions, championing concepts of right and justice, these are the qualities of a being of Light. They tend toward the more positive emotional spectrum, which is the active high end of happy, joyous, but also wrathful when angered. They are the highest vibrational energy state that a being can operate at and tend to be very intense. Light beings have a moral code that is incorruptible. They recognize an agreement as solid, unyielding, and unchanging. When set to a task they agree upon they will move toward the completion of that task with tenacity. They tend to be visual in communication.


The epitome of calm, seclusion, reclusive, and hidden. Dark beings tend to be less sociable, and tend toward the lower end of the emotional spectrum. This means when happy it is a reserved kind of happiness, when angered it is a cold anger, and things of that nature. They are the are an incredibly dense vibration energy which obscures other energies and beings of this type tend to have more shifting emotional states. Dark beings, depending on the being type, range more widely than other elements in terms of their concept of honor and conviction. As such beings that are Dark tend to take on more traits of the beings race which are amplified in density. For example a Dwarf that is Dark will be very honorable and will hold to any agreement. Where a Trickster that is dark will be even less reliable then other tricksters. Darkness is a unique energy type in that “The Dark is Undefinable and Undefined” therefore Dark is harder to quantify beyond its emotional qualities. What we can say about it is that it is cloaking, and that can be comforting to some.

Hybrid Elements


Similar to a mixture of Dark, Water, and Earth some would say that Ice is a hybrid element. This is not so far from the truth as it retains some qualities of each of those elements. It has the stability of earth, but can be forced into change more easily. Further it has the calm, relentless, steady nature of both Dark and Earth. It is then that beings of this element tend to be very logical but not as much as the metal elements. Ice beings are dependable, adaptable, strong, but are very weak to heat in both emotions and energy. This means that when very strong emotions overcome them they “melt” and loose direction emotionally. That said it is rare for emotional states to overwhelm an Ice aligned being and they are an incredible calming influence.


High energy to the extreme, lightning is considered to be the condensation of either air or fire and exhibits properties of both. It is fast, hyper charged, and beings of this energy type tend to be both as well. They are very emotional to a fault and tend to be extreme in their emotional states. A lightning being lacks grounding, no pun intended, and can be difficult to work with. Still they are generally loyal if easily distracted. Lightning beings are incredibly capable at overpowering a task that does not need long term focus and as such are great to task for “immediate” things but not things that require long term care.


Storm beings tend to have properties of Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice, Darkness, and lack solely in earth. They are the least grounded element type but can be calm, like the rain, or harsh like a hurricane. As they have many elemental qualities in them it should be known they are a major shifting elemental type and their personality ranges due to their environment and circumstances. Beings of the Storm element are incredibly versatile and often have a strong point in their elemental makeup early on that gives the appearance of one of the other primary elements. These beings lack emotional grounding though and are always on the high side of an emotional state. When a task is put to them they can either take a stead approach like the rain fall or a stronger but less lasting approach like a raging disaster. Some beings can balance these aspects out but that is a rarity.


Beings of spirit and energy are emotional beings ranging from all sides of the spectrum. Their qualities are very undefined and they are often “Jacks of All Trades” in that they may have many skills in many areas. They are incredibly useful for putting to a single task as they have a variety of abilities and skills as well as the depth of mind and focus to handle almost anything they go up against. However they lack the specialization of a single elemental energy and as such rarely can fill a specialized role.

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