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Evocation for Spirit Keepers

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

What is Evocation:

Evocation is the art of bringing a being into the physical realm to achieve a goal you set it to. Traditionally hailing from art forms of High Magick such as the Key of Solomon, Enochian Methods, Golden Dawn Rituals, and things of that nature. Evocation has through the years also been used by calling beings, what we now call Conjuration in the Spirit Keeping community, and then finding ways to work with them.

Evolution is a constant in mysticism and evocation of today is not the evocation of yesterday. We no longer subject beings through torture as a rule, nor do we use our own innate power to break them down. Like slave labor while this is effective in the short term we as practitioners have learned that not only is it inhumane it is inconsistent in results. Instead we have found that the real power behind evocation is our boosting the connection from the being to this realm through our work and we instead focus on this.

Conjuration vs Evocation:

Conjuration stems from early methods of evocation that evolved down a different path. This is why there are such misunderstandings between traditional evokers and conjurers in the modern day. Evokers use the term “binding” differently than conjurers and it takes on a different tone. The result is that many organizations frown on “binding” and “conjuration” due to misunderstanding of the processes involed. The modern conjurer is doing a portion of the work of evocation normally used in spell work. They are making the connections, bridging the gaps, and forming a BOND between themselves, the being, and then the being and the client. For an evoker this is the first step of evocation of a being that is not named or presented in other texts. In this respect modern conjuration stems from classic and modern evocation. Psychic energy work has also become a prominent part of conjuration as well as evocation and should not be overlooked.

Spirit Keeping and Evocation:

The meat of this article is what comes next. Many times clients come to us conjurers who are also evokers and ask us to provide a being that solves a problem. We then work toward finding a being that can best solve this problem in the form of conjuration yet the bridge between here and there is not decided solely by our own actions but also the actions of evocation done with that being if any. More often than not people are not educated fully on the process of evocation and what it means. The result is they then feel let down when a spirit, entity, or other being fails to meet an expectation of results especially in the form of change. Many times I council my clients to focus on the bond with the being, the friendship, the camaraderie first and then I suggest to them the methods I will now be providing here for you to consider.

Spirit Keeping meshes WELL with evocation. Any spirit or entity conjured can be evoked. Consider evocation then to be the empowering of your friendly ally so they may better bridge the subtle realms from there to here to make a more meaningful impact. It is a method providing considerable energy to their goal through simple focusing techniques or complex rituals. Spirit Keeping when combined with evocation, even the simplest of methods, is as powerful a form of mysticism as any other. So much so that I myself have used these methods countless times to incredible results.

Why Evocation:

Evocation provides two benefits to the Spirit Keeper. One is tasking, this is the simplest of benefits and yet the most overlooked. Often times Spirit Keepers enter into this community seeking to better themselves, the world around them, their family, or their friends lives. In some instances these new keepers innately begin working evocation for these goals, in some instances the being simply has that raw physical resonance – though this is more rare – and can accomplish the goal with simply being tasked. It should be said though that in some instances the keeper does not know about evocation, does not fully understand even simple evocation, or the importance of this method to goal achievement. This guide will help correct that.

The other reason for evocation is presence. Evoked beings tend to be more present, more felt, more “known” in some capacity to the keeper. The beings are brought further to connect in this realm and they are then more accessible to the keeper. This addresses one of the other problems new and old Spirit Keepers run into, the need to make that connection with their being. At the very least simple evocation is a form of one way communication and showing of acceptance, want, and compassionate will toward a being. At the most it provides incredible power or moves us into the receptive state to better feel the being.

Are You Ready to Evoke?:

Evocation is a powerful tool, it provides an incredible level of energy to a being to better manifest in this realm. This means you should do evocation only when you have a clear goal be it to feel or better interact with a being or to ask it to perform a task. You should not perform evocation unless one of these two criteria are met and only if you are ready for the experience. Otherwise you may find you will regret the act of evocation more than the lack of results.

Evocation in Theory:

This falls into the personal realm of theory for me but I figure I should present the concept here for those who need a grounding for understanding of the process. My view is that evocation helps a being bridge the gap and provides considerable PHYSICAL energy through physical action.

So let us look at energy real quick using Einstein's equation of e=mc^2. I'm not going to ask you to do the math on this, but I used a handy calculator and factored in that if you breath 13kg of air per day, and you do, that is 279.25 megatons of TNT worth of energy. One breath then is more than enough to level a building if fully converted to energy. The reason I bring this number to bare in the way that I do is simple. This very simple understanding of energy shows that the energy from a candle flame, mantra, or any simple evocation method is more than enough for some physical manifestation. It sets a simple understanding of how much energy is REALLY available and if we are in any conceivable way making even a tenth of that available or a thousandth of it available or even a millionth we are still providing enough energy to allow the being in question to shift events.

The math aside, my theory is that evocation provides physical energy directly to a being so that it may better physically manifest. When you look at that basic equation of mass to energy it doesn't take very much to allow our being to touch our arm, help us out with luck or love, or simply be heard a little clearer.

Others have other theories and to be fair my full theory of evocation is a bit longer involving planer shifts and how energy moves between points as well as our purpose in it, transcendental states, and much more. However that theory is far to complex for this simple offering. For now this simple theory provides something we can wrap our minds around and is easy for me to pass on in this written format.

The Need For Names and Symbols in Evocation:

Words, symbols, names, these things are grounding things for us in evocation. They ground our mind in the physical and thereby help us focus our intent into the physical. Candles, incenses, all of this does the same on some innate level and in this not only provide energy but also provide direction for beings. A beings name is a powerful thing, it's symbol likewise, and a mantra oriented around it equally so. These are all tools for building connections not just between us and the being but between the veils of realms. In this then do not toss aside these simple tools as being outdated. Remember that even the best mechanic needs wrenches to work on their car.

Evocation Methods:

Now we can get into some basic evocation methods. I am going to explain the processes for simple, moderate, and superior evocation below. These outlines will not be full evocations but pieces of the puzzle that you can use. I will not provide full ceremony here, but instead will give you the tools to build your own evocation. What is personal is better in my experience and I will not rob you the experience of yelling “Hurray! I made my first evocation!” Instead my goal is to give you building blocks that you can interchange between simple to superior and even maybe beyound.

Step Zero: Prepare the Area

Step Zero exists for all methods. Recognize you are about to do something amazing and mentally prepare the area. If you have a method of cleansing do it now. If you have a method of meditation or focus you prefer before working now is the time. Make this a sacred moment. Turn off the TV and Radio, make sure you will not be distracted, and get ready. Step Zero is universal to all methods. Some practitioners choose to wear special rings when they do any form of magick, a unique piece of jewelry, or something else.

Simple Evocation:

Simple evocations are called this because they use the least number of tools and steps in the evocation process. They can be performed in 10 – 30 minutes with little or no preparation. They utilize often the name, symbol if available, and characteristics of the being that is to be evoked. They are very similar to offerings but this is an offering with intent. This is the understanding that your will to help the being bridge this gap is going to help in this.

Yes, your will. While other techniques in energy work, focusing, transcendental meditation, and attunement may aid that will it will be the power of will that will help. Meanwhile the power of your trusted ally and their influence will be helping link into this. Between your will and theirs evocation is possible! You must realize this, recognize it, fully embrace it first.

Mind frame is everything. If you do not believe you can evoke then you never will. However if you have faith in yourself, faith in your friend the being to be evoked, and faith in the power of the universe you will evoke to powerful results.

Focus is the second component to this though. A full 10 minutes of focus and concentration is worth more than a full year of non focus. However you won't even need that much for your first evocation, most can perform a simple evocation in 5 minutes to some result. More time is better, but it is far better still to put a full 5 minutes of focus in than to put 3 minutes of focus and 7 minutes humming the tune to “The Love Boat”.


The first and simplest evocation methods is offerings. Offering work best when we can direct power to them, but often people make complex what is rather simple on making an offering empowered. True greater levels of energy cultivation, meditation, attunements, and other methods can lead to much more impressive energy in an offering a simple bit of focus can do just as well. With an offering such as candles or incenses a simple focusing on the offering item before the evocation intonation is more than enough. You may not feel anything, or you may feel amazing surges of energy. The main thing is to KEEP YOUR FOCUS on that object without distraction. Even if you must do this in one minute bursts off and on through a day to prepare a single candle this provides MORE connection between you, the object, and the being you are evoking.

While keeping your focus in this way a good method to get your mind in position is to write down your intent on a piece of paper before this process. In this you are simply and efficiently directing your will to this focus on this offering. This is a powerful tool and one often overlooked even by the most experienced of Sorcerers. When you are done with the paper throw it out, burn it, or bury it according to what feels best to you.

If offering incenses try to use something that fits the theme of your companion OR one you know they like from experience. Angel Feather is often not a favorite of demons, but you'd be surprised how many enjoy a hint of sulfur in an offering.

If you have a symbol for the being set it under the offering for focus and spend an extra bit of time focusing on that offering and symbol. Recognize the link, feel it as much as you can. However even if you can not feel it, recognize it still has power.


Meditation works very well with a symbol for the being to be evoked. If a symbol does not exist their written name can act as a stand in. Meditation upon a beings name, symbol, or a picture representing it can act as a powerful linking. If you intend this evocation with purpose remember to also have written that purpose down in view for the being. This is a simpler version of sigil craft, which will not be covered here in depth, but in this very basic understanding you are making it clear to your conscious and subconscious mind your intent. Meditation is the simple act of focus without offering and to some degree the basics of it are covered in the offering method above. It takes more time and focus but is equally effective.

Meditation is better done when complete focus may be achieved. A few minutes of true focused meditation a day will help you with connecting with a being more, or with achieving results faster, than a large amount of unfocused meditation. Take time to set the mood and environment, make sure distractions are a minimum, and then apply that considerable level of focus you know you are capable of.


The most basic of mantra evocation uses either a known or mystical language to repeat a beings name with “I evoke you” or “I evoke thee” until the presence is felt for communication.

Now it may sound confusing to say a known or mystical language so let us clear this up now. A known language is any language you can speak fluently. Known languages, such as your native language, when repeated in a mantra have a kind of power. Known languages work off of pure repetition within the conscious to subconscious mind but are very powerful and easy to use.

You are expending vast energies both in thought and physically even if you do the mantra in silence. This works on the concept of repetition within mysticism and is a valuable method. It may even be the simplest method of mysticism known. Still don't let that fool you this is a powerful tool.

Mystical languages are different than known languages in that any language you do not commonly use may be a mystical language. This could be Latin, Enochian, or a Demonic language. Any language can be used for a mystical language and works off the basis that for a brief moment you knew the translation per word of the mantra however now it is a subconscious faculty. Instead you are focusing on the intent, without the meaning of the words themselves being as present, and thereby honing your energies toward the evocation process.

Both methods of Mantra work can prove effective depending upon the person doing them. Try out each, and possibly multiple languages. I find substantially good results when I use Icelandic as my language of choice yet have used Mantras in in English – my native tongue – equally well.

Moderate Evocation:

Moderate Evocations take on average a bit longer to create, set up, and perform overall than Simple Evocations. If using an existing system of mysticism much of the creation process can be cut out however they still take on average 20 – 1hr to complete depending. They involve a lot more work in every step of the working. They are called Moderate Evocations but they could easily be called “The Standard Method” as they are the core of what most mystical practices revolve around.


The very first part of the Moderate Evocation process is the action of ritual cleansing. This involves calling down of greater powers during the act of cleansing. In traditional mysticism this could be done either with a prayer combined with visualization or it could be done through motions and chants. When developing the cleansing portion of Moderate Evocation remember that the cleansing both clears out negative energies or distractions as well as removes beings from “The Sacred Space” or area of the working. In the essence of Evocation with a single being what this results in is other beings not under your keep will politely leave, those in your keep will go back to their realms and listen through the vessel/spirit link for the completion of the ritual. There is no risk of “Cleansing” your bound beings away as they require DIRECT permission to leave after being bound. You would have to address them by name and tell them that the bond was no longer wanted to even begin to make that impact.

Likewise the cleansing process should use physical tools to help make this more impacting. It may be clear or pure water, incense, or a cleansing symbol drawn north, east, south, and west with a simple cleansing chant done a minimum of 3 times. This simple example of cleansing, feel free to incorporate your own, builds FOCUS. It sets the stage and part of that focus does more than cleanse, it hones you toward this goal.

Opening Elemental/Energetic Gates

While there are many ways to do evocation of this kind and not all use elemental or energetic gates we are going to focus on this method. Opening a gate is a matter of focus, visualization, and feeling. You can open a simple elemental gate by visualizing and pouring intent and focus into that gate but for our purposes you are going to do much more. You will face each cardinal direction starting in the East and open an elemental gate. The creation of the chant for this is up for you, but remember to keep the visualization of this gate surging with this energy in focus. A simple mantra is “I open the age of (element) in the (direction).”

East: Wind

South: Fire

West: Water

North: Earth

Then turn to the east yet again. Maintain the visualization in your mind of these gates. If it slips that is fine just remember to regain the focus as quickly as possible. If you choose to not use elemental gates then instead open up energetic gates visualizing light or lightning pouring around them. Some Sorcerers open as many as 10 gates before working. Recognize that this simpler method is a boiled down version of a more advanced technique. Feel free to expand upon it.

Opening Being Gates with Energetic Gate Energy

Now with these gates visualize if you have not already their energy pouring outward. See that energy pouring first into you, then mixing in you and pouring outward into your beings symbol and strengthening the name as you repeat it many times over. You may use the mantra for evocation from the Simple Evocation method for this as well. Continue this for a few minutes till everything FEELS solid enough and then visualize a gateway within the symbol opening up. That gateway will with enough power open allowing your being to step through.

Now I know some of you are going to say “I'm doing a lot of visualization, am I just making up my being once it comes through the gate?” Let me answer this with a bit of an explanation. The visualization is directing energy FOR you. Your understanding of the being coming through is likewise a representation of a much more vast being. You have engaged the part of the mind that sees energy in the form of symbolism and as such is now interpreting the energy coming through in the form of symbols again as well. You have in essence not only bridged gaps in the realms through these methods but you are also bridging gaps within your understanding of energy as well as sight.

At this phase you may now interact with your being to some degree depending on how strong the visualization is as well task the being to actions on your behalf. Once you have tasked the being visualize the gates closing using a closing chant as well as needed to secure the gates closure. This is important not because of “risk of unwanted entry” but more so that you don't over saturate the area with energy you may not be ready to deal with 24/7.

Superior Evocation:

We are going to touch somewhat on Superior Evocation but not in great depth. The reason for this simply put is that Superior Evocation builds extremly on the previous understandings of evocation but increases complexity further. I can sum up Superior Evocation with the following statement “Everything you have done before, but more.” That said it's important to give you some ideas of what the “but more” part is and how you can achieve this.

Complex Elemental/Energetic Gate Opening

Complex Gate opening involves using offerings, longer mantras, and more symbols to open gates. If you are using raw energetic concepts instead of elements then focus on symbols and powers that exist within these directions. Use color instead of elements then as well as art work expressing energy concepts. It is highly recommended for the Complex Gate opening that you DO use elements but also visualize other gates above, below, as well as potentially within. For above one can use a white light gate and for below a darkness gate, while within a gate of balance is recommended unless you are highly polarized.

The idea with the complex gate opening is to make offerings to the gates, spend more time in focus, and put more effort into this action. You can accomplish this by using longer mantras as well as complex mantras. A completely different mantra per gate is not unheard of and is highly recommended.

A powerful, yet rarely used, alteration of these methods is to open one of each elemental gate in each cardinal direction. This takes quite some time to do but is well worth it. It is also a precursor to what we will be doing next.

Opening Being Gates in multiple corners

Now with the elemental gates open instead of funneling the energy into ourselves directly we will instead go through another gate opening over top of each gate that was opening. The visualization here is the transposing of a translucent but solid gate that represents the gate of your being, sigil engraved somewhere upon it. Perform a gate mantra of your choosing, even the simple one from before is sufficient for this, until the visualization of each gate you are opening is very solid in your mind.

When all of the Gates are created your next visualization will be all of the gates entering a prepared sigil/symbol that will be used for your being and will act as a Gate Seal. Take your time and do a Gate Calling chant even if it is a simple “I call the gate of the (direction) to this gateway” and visualize the gate slowly moving or flowing into the symbol and thereby into the new gate way. When all of the gates have flowed into the symbol you will be opening this one gate.

The Center Gate

The Center Gate will have weight. That's a rather simple and catchy phrase but an important one. You will have to open this gate with your will and it should FEEL heavy. If it is too easy to do it likely isn't fully charged. Focus until the gate feels solid and then will the door ways open for your being to step through. You should notice the being to be much stronger, more powerful, and more present during this method.

Task your being as you would normally and then visualize the last and only remaining Gateway closing as the being goes into the world. If your tasking is only for interaction leave the gate open and then close it only after the being has left through it. Beings WILL close their own gate eventually if you do not however if left alone with nothing else to do and a full evocation it is up to them how they impact the world around you.

Evocation for the Spirit Keeping Community

So there you have it, a simple primer on evocation. Some of this may be used in a future book certainly and it is a good initial primer that is surprisingly non-denominational. If you enjoyed this send us a comment to that effect. If you think we got it totally wrong likewise let us know. We present this work to help Spirit Keepers everywhere further connect with their beings as well as provide them the tools to better work with their beings. We love to see the community excel and we hope that this work has aided in that.

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