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Magick, Defense, and Cleansing

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Many times I hear the question of a good spell to use when being cursed.

Spells often get mistaken for key words, or power on their own. While some symbols have power by virtue of age and culture, as well as the focus of thousands of people, as do some words most spells are statements of intent in a larger working of moving energy and will. For this reason rhyme spells, or rhymes with intent, tend to be the go to because the act of rhyming intent has a power in the mind.

That has to be said first. Otherwise you will seek a solution from others in a way they can't give. Even my most powerful spell might have no meaning to you because it was crafted for me. That said there are practices you can do to help with this.

These practices will start in reverse dealing with the smallest parts first as they are easiest.

As the curse work is affecting you in the here and now, you need to cleanse the area. Sage works if you understand the intent of sage as carrying your power and intent with the smoke. If you don't invest some will and energy into that though you are, pardon the phrase, blowing smoke for no reason. In cases where you don't have any faith invested or can not invest your faith in that we must create that faith by repetition. This could be prayer, meditation, or chanting over the sage bundle before the working for a few minutes, then lighting it, and then continuing a cleansing chant as you go. The repetition builds energy as it carries focus.

If you go that road you might want to consider other cleansing options. A good one is water and salt mixed together, sea salt is preferred. The crystalline nature of the salt is a natural amplifier for cleansing. Chanting over the salt, then the water, and then after mixing the mixture that mixture empowers it. If you spend 5 minutes over each part that equals 15 total. If you chant for 5 minutes while using this mixture to sprinkle or spray around your house that has power too. Some plants such as sage, basil, and others also have innate power that can be melded with that focus and added to the water for a cleansing spray. Chamomile may help too with this and can be found in tea easily for such a mixture. All of these methods work best when you can focus and direct intent as energy but they also have some validity even without that.

So what do you chant? That is a personal thing. I personally would chant to Thor in the following way.

Thor who's might is over the land. He who wields lightning in his hand. Your power and might I call to here. Cleanse this mixture to banish all fear. Lend to this power true. A healing mixture of serenity imbue.

That works for me, however you may not be Norse. If you aren't Norse this would be like you coming to my home and not knowing me, knocking on my door, and asking me to fight for you. It wouldn't mean much. Most people are good with non denominational intent so this alternative may work better for them. A more focused on will have more power.

Universal might and holy truth. I ask now that you bring forth fruit. Of peace and serenity lend your power. Cleanse this mixture in this hour. For fear does banish at your sight. Knowing goodness wins because it is right.

This less focused rhyme poem is better for those not Norse.

This is great for clearing the negative of a curse first which we must do. Until you have a clear work area you can't really begin protection or to strike out at those that hurt you.

After this you can begin focus on empowering symbols with similar rhymes while meditating upon them. Consider also creating a crystal array. As runes are one of my strong points I'll make some recommendations for runes you might consider using as symbols of power as well.

Sowilo: An excellent power of light, it will burn against those who attack you when used for defense. Algiz: The chief protective rune, it is an aggressive defense but still a good one. Thurisaz: More aggressive than the other two listed this type of defense is the equivalent of stabbing someone for attacking you any time they do so. Where Algiz will negate the attack, and Sowilo will provide healing, Thursiaz will make them not want to do the action again.

Most of the runes have a use in defense and I won't go into the full details in such a simple post on each and every runes use for protection. Needless to say though there are more options than just this.

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