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Simple Mechanical Magick

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

We often talk a fair bit in the mystic circles about the difference between High Magick, and Low Magick. Ultimately, these differences are academic, as even the most complex High Magick, has its roots, no pun intended, in Low Magick. Lets look at some simple things you can do to use some simple magick that is more mechanical in its nature.


Now let me start with saying, I'm not endorsing smoking in this. I use a pipe for this method myself, and I use herbs that I vet first for safety, and do not draw into my lungs. There are risks with health even in this, and if you have severe asthma or feel there is a risk, then do not do this. Otherwise though, smoke is excellent to carry intent, and a lot of kitchen herbs and even teas can be used in a pipe. The smoke can carry the intent to cleanse, bring prosperity, or prepare an area for a larger more complex working. It can act as a general amplifier for other work like candle magick, color magick, or crystal magick which we'll take a quick look at as well. Simply put, used responsibly and with some discretion and a simple Church Warden Pipe becomes the ultimate smoke cleansing and intent carrying device.


Crystals are a very good and simple method of mechanical magick. Now with crystals its not enough to just have the crystal, though that can help, we need to do a little bit of mechanical workings with it. Placing it in the center of a simple altar, with intent written on paper around it, can use the natural energies of the crystal. This however gets amplified when we meditate ON that intent with the crystal, turning it into a miniature amplifier. Five minutes a day doesn't sound like much, but it adds up and at the end of a month you've put in at least two hours of dedicated focus, using the crystal that matches the purpose for that to good effect. Quartz is a good general amplifier of course, and is the most commonly used crystal in mysticism because it is generic. Since we are using the mechanical properties of the crystal you will want a variation of quartz, or different mineral or metal, instead of just simple plane quartz to amplify this working.

Candles and Color Magick

Candle and color magick is the essence of mechanical magick in some ways, and uses the color of the candle to match up with the intent of energy use. Color correspondences are many, so its best to spend a little bit of time meditating on the intent of the color while holding the candle as relying only on the color alone could muddy your intent. Writing down on a piece of paper the intent under the candle is a good option for purposing things. Picking a one word meaning you can lightly carve into a free standing candle is another good option. For candles in a glass candle holder already, drawing on them with paint or marker is a good way to put symbols or meaning on the candle directly.

Simple Fire Magick

Simple Fire Magick involves a fire safe container. During each step on this be sure to practice good fire safety. Ultimately with simple fire magick we place herbs that match our intent on incense charcoals first. This is the “first step in the fire” and it ensures the herbs burn well. Next we take our intent and place it to paper. We may put a few drops of essential oils or incense oils onto the paper to act as an accelerator. Lastly, we light the paper, and place our focus on the flame. If we see the paper isn't puring, we can always relight it in a safe way. This ability to relight the paper is the mechanical part of this as if we are finding resistance, we can use our physical actions to overcome that, and thereby impose our will into reality. Again I can't stress enough to practice good fire safety.

Blessing Food

Another mechanical magick is the blessing of food before eating it. This is simply put, saying a blessing over the food and the intent of the food to aid us as we partake in it. Such magicks are old, often resembling forms of prayer, but potent. Food blessing can be amplified by choosing food with color choices that match our intent. Be sure to practice good food safety preparation as well even when doing blessings.

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