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Norse Banishing Ritual

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Perform the Hammer of Thor as follows:

Take a Hammer in your right hand (or use your fist or other weapon). Begin by facing East.

Imagine the Yggdrasil (World Tree or Tree of Life) represented as a combination of many glowing green strands of various shades running up your body from the root of the world to the top of your crown. Hold this image for a few moments and let that light pool up into your crown chakra as the energy moves along the middle pillar of your chakras. Allow that mixture of green energies to continue to fill the crown chakra for a few moments.

Touch your forehead with your weapon and vibrate MEGIN - pronounced m-eh-g-eyn (Strength)

Imagine that green light condensing into your crown chakra now glowing bright purple as you vibrate MEGIN.

Touch the middle of your solar plexus with your weapon and begin vibrating vibrate VERJA – pronounced veh-rr-y-awe (Protect)

Move the weapon downward toward your root chakras as you imagine the bright purple energy moving down through your central line and and pooling at your feet as you vibrate the energy shifts into a bright red color pooling at your feet.

Holding your weapon in your right hand to your right side vibrate RIKI – pronounced rrr-ey-k-ey (Power)

Imagine now those red energies at your feet as you vibrate RIKI becoming bright golden with the power of lightning as they flow through your body into your right hand. All of the energy becomes golden now as you do the intonation. Hold your weapon in your left hand extended left OR pointing to the left in your right to and vibrate VEGR – pronounced veh-g-err (Glory)

Imagine those golden energies now flowing through your body into your side as that golden energy begins to vibrate bright white within your body. Pool the energy into your weapon as you do so.

Clasp your both hands on the weapon again at chest level and vibrate æ - pronounce ah - (forever)

At this point picture the hammer extending out from you, forming a Mjolnir larger than your body and pulsing out into the heavens and earth a bright white and golden energy.

Hold your weapon outward now in both hands above your head and visualize that white and golden light surging through it vibrating HAGALL – pronounced h-awe-g-awelll

The Norse Pentagram:

The Norse Pentagram makes use of your ritual weapon to draw it. When using a hammer for this picture the energy flowing from the hammer head like a beam of light carving into the air. For each step of this ritual starting in the easy visualize the element in play surrounding you and your weapon as a bright glowing fire of the proper color associated with the element. Extend that element visually through your weapon as you draw the pentagram in the air. Vibrate the elements name as you draw this pentagram. Picture the pentagram burning as a creation made of this element and acting as an elemental gateway. Raise your weapon to the sky and visualize energy flowing from the center of that pentagram into a sphere above it. After this turn to the appropriate direction with your weapon still held at the sky point visualizing a line of white energy connecting it to the next pooling point of energy that will be created.

Begin this by facing the East and focusing on the element of Wind, then the South and Fire, then the West and Water, then ending in the North and Earth.

Begin drawing the pentagram from the upper left to upper right vibrating “v-ey-nd-rr” (wind) and performing the visualizations.

Now Raise the Weapon to the sky pooling energy and rotate in a semicircle toward the south. Draw the pentagram lower right to top point this time vibrating hyrr “huhr” (fire) as you draw pentagram.

Again Raise the Weapon to the sky pooling energy and rotate in a semicircle toward the West. Draw the pentagram top right to top left this time invoking Logr “l-aw-g-rr” (water) while tracing the pentagram.

Raise the Weapon to the sky pooling energy once more and rotate toward the North. Draw the pentagram again this time lower left to top point vibrate the word grund “g-rr-oond”(earth) as you create the pentagram. Raise your weapon once more pooling energy.

Weapon raised turn toward the East picture the energy that you have placed on each corner circling around in a bright brilliant light connecting those weapon energies glowing around you. Visualize the elements mixing in your weapon and then within you as the circle completes.

Hold your weapon outward and say: BEFORE ME, then vibrate, THOR.

Visualize the God of Thunder standing before you with his red hair blowing in the wind. His might mjolnir in one hand. Yellow energy crackles in the background as a refreshing breeze cleanses and purifies the air.

Then say: BEHIND ME, then vibrate, AEgir

Visualize Aegir as an older but strong giant with a frothy white beard standing there. Behind him are his servants and attendants. He stands upon the water it's self holding a horn filled with ale. Imagine the cool spray of the ocean breeze rushing over you as he stands there.

Then say: AT MY RIGHT HAND, then vibrate, TYR

Imagine standing before you in full battle armor a man with one arm. In his left hand he holds a sword engulfed in fire. Behind him are a thousand warriors all dressed in armor. Flames leap from about him as his is the fire of justice. Imagine the purifying fire of justice moving about you cleansing you of false wrongs and fears.

Then say: AT MY LEFT HAND, then vibrate, Freyja

See the Goddess Freyja standing before you clad in fine sliks. Around her are her attendants, Valkyrie, and other warrior maidens. You can see the green luscious grasses about her. Smell the earthiness and the morning dew as you feel the energy of her earthen power wash over you like laying on fresh grass on a cool summers day. Now, say: ABOUT ME FLAMES THE PENTAGRAMS, AND IN THE CENTER THE HAMMER OF CREATION

Imagine the circle of bright white light around you and visualize the Hammer of Thor energy moving through you. Repeat The Hammer of Thor. In closing thank the Gods, Thank the Mother Earth, Thank the Elements, and Thank your own Soul.

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