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Simple Binding Breaker - For Beginners

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

So every once in awhile I like to re-post a bit of magick that was useful to advise to someone in a more complete format. This one is a simple, but effective, connection and binding breaker. For this you will need one sturdy lock, the stronger the better, one solid chain, a sledge hammer, and room to do some damage (possibly something to set it on such as an anvil or solid surface).

Now the rest of this is going to seem pretty obvious, and it really is in a way, but I want to get into how you can customize this. The most obvious use is direct symbolism where you link the chain at the ends with the lock and smash the lock. However making a seal based on the name of the person you want to break away from, or representing the binding forces you feel, and placing that on the lock is a very viable option

Depending on the complexity of the word or name used you might want to use a Letter. Those are created by making a square of letters (one example below). You may choose instead to make a planetary seal representing the intent. Personally I like to use runes to either make a bind rune that expresses intent, or spells out a target of the separations name. You have to pick what works best for you.

Letter Grid Example:










In the letter grid example you can draw lines between letters on the grid, marking dots for overlapping points, or circles as needed. Some people denote symbols for starting and stopping. A quick ASCII example of CAT would be a line drawn from left to right with a dot or circle in the center denoting the T. This method of creating a seal is rather simple, rather old, and frankly I don't even remember where I first encountered it or if I hacked it from planetary seals. Regardless it works wonders as the mind hangs onto it without forgetting what it means fully and yet without simply turning it into letters.

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