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Temperance Tarot Magick

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Temperance is an excellent boon when we feel overwhelmed and need the ability to focus, as well as see clearly. Instead of simple meditation upon the card though we are going to suggest a new method.

Become the card.

Visualize yourself stepping into the scene, white robe adorning you, wings carrying you above the turmoil that is both life and death happening around you. Look at the raging river under your feet and contemplate that for a moment. This river represents the turmoil you are experiencing. Now as you hover there held aloft by the wings you feel take the two goblets in hand, and in the right hand draw forth the waters into the cup. Contemplate the waters and what they represent and pour them from cup to cup. Repeat this process feeling the stress subsiding, and in this subsiding see the realm around you coming into balance as you gain the understanding.

This, or a variation of this, is a helpful meditation to take on the qualities of this card and in this provides a unique way of gaining the qualities of the card. We will look at other cards in the future but I felt this one may be one of the most beneficial for the sage, the expert, and the commoner all can find some value in Temperance.

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