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The Left and Right Hand Paths

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

The left hand path is not just demons, nor is the right hand path angels. Instead they are ideals. There are many, if not mostly, right hand path demonologists around. These are people who feel that demons are superior and give subservience to them. They serve, and do not see themselves as the prime power in this world. This is because the right hand path is all about connecting to the greater power, source, or current through the worship of forces, externalization, and recognition of power from without. It recognizes that all is one, but then in that grows through the external.

The left hand path however focuses on growth from the perspective of the self as the most powerful, and important of things. It is all about serving the self in some capacity, even when selfless, by recognizing that all actions come from the self. To the left hand path worker there is no such thing as subservience, only alliance. They recognize the cultivation of power from within, and recognize external forces as either manifestations of the internal, or tools to be utilized toward personal power. The left hand path worker recognizes that all is one, and thereby all external forces are simply way method for internal growth. The two paths focus on DRASTICALLY different approaches to the same core concept, connecting to a greater power. Many paths that seem right hand, such as energy work, qi gong, and focusing methods are actually more left hand path. They have have strong moral codes or centers but they recognize these as constructs and see them as important only by virtue that they are valued to the practitioner. Right hand paths conversely almost always exclusively focus on external forces of power. You must go "out" to find the power "within" in these paths and a degree of subservience is the mode of conduct. This is not slavery, but the recognition of something "greater than the self" and in that a degree of selflessness. Most true paths have a degree of both, especially in mysticism, cultivating the self as the prime power in the universe (left hand path) while working with external forces through acts of subservience and recognition (right hand path). Both lead to the same understanding that all is one, just through a very different set of foot steps.

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