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The Mystic Knight

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Originally Appearing at Knights of Awakening

The Mystic Knight:

This is not the full of what I will write on this before my days are done. No this is just me wetting my appetite for future writings on what this means, why it is important, and how one walks this path. With that said here goes.

The Mystic Knight is a different breed of knight entirely. We are often not the front line of any conflict, yet we more often than not are the deciding factor. When we do take to the front line, then we move with force, emphasis, and direction. The rest of the time, we are the background force in the world around us.

We are a generalist in a way, a Knight who focuses on much more than just the forward battle charge. We are found healing the sick and wounded. No matter the battlefield be it emotional or physical we are the ones called upon to dress the wounds. We are the mental warriors but not always does that mean we fight a war using our mental powers. Instead we are called upon more often than not to solve a problem, to put into effect a plan. We are the wise ones asked to make a greater difference in the world.

As a Mystic Knight, people come to us to solve the problems they can not solve. Often what they come to us for though is worse than that. They come to us for the hard truths. This means we can never be untrue to ourselves. We must instead be rooted in the truth, certain of our soul, and directed toward making a positive change in the world.

We, ultimately, are those who do what other Knights can't. We are called upon to be everything, to everyone, in every way for the mystic is nothing if not proficient in many things. We fill the role left vacant by specialists who are not there. We are healers when no healer is present, a shield wall for those who are in pain, an avenger to those that cause harm, and a soothing pool of wisdom and knowledge. This is a hard path to walk for anyone.

The strain of this path causes most Mystic Knights to often be harsh, yet kind. It causes us to be bitter, yet hopeful. It causes us to take on many sides of a coin right up to the moment that we see what it is we must do. The Mystic Knight has no room in their life for certainty until they have no room in their life for doubt. This is the nature of the mystic who has taken on the knightly path. It is a harder path to walk for many, and yet easier for some. Some are called to this path. They are drawn inexplicably to the arts of the mystic, the mind frame of the ever learner, and the goal of the wise. For these people, it is not enough to say “I tried my best” it is only enough to lay exhausted knowing they have given all they can not just of mind and body but also of soul. Mystic Knights are Soul Warriors, burning through their own self and sense of self to make a difference in a world that often has no hope. They are people who refuse that state, they look at the reality of hopelessness and decide that if there is no hope they shall create hope. They look at the impossible and determine there MUST be a way.

For the Mystic Knight it is more than books, more than energy, and more than a name. It is a calling in the heart to make a difference in the world. It is the dire need to have done all that one can to not just walk upon the path, but to have the path within the soul.

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