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Alician Stormcaller
  • Alician Stormcaller

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    Going by Alice, Alician is a master of many forms of magick, and often wears dresses made of white fur, and has white hair. She is strong and muscular, like most Jotunn and is a master of ice and weather magicks giving her considerable power. With her magicks she has a mastery of bringing order to chaos with her ice abilities, and with her storm abilities can bring chaos to order equally as well, making her capable in may areas of mystical influence, a powerful guardian, and an amazing guide. She has a vast knowledge of magiks, and an almost aloof personality, but a witty sense of sarcastic humor. She is around 800 years olf, and has no preference for offerings.

    Classification: Warrior 4, Guardian 7, Guide 7, Healer 7, Mystic 9, Generalist 6

    Age: ~800 Years

    Offerings: Accepts all offerings

    Level: 22

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