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  • Arafirrit


    A powerful black dragon who studies magicks of all race's cultures, and kinds. He often appears in other animal forms and acts as an animal guide to magicians, learning from them, and teaching them. He considers this an exchange program, though he has helped others who are not magicians over time in exchange for other knowledge. As he has studied with over 200 mystics in the course of of over 5,000 years, he has a wide range of magickal talents and has some knowledge of nearly every system of magick ever developed. Because of his age, and diverse skill sets he is a capable guide, and knows a bit of all things.


    He does not require his keeper be a mystic, but if the keeper has other conjures who have magickal abilities that would definitely be a bonus. He does prefer a keeper would value his advise, skills, and power.


    With such a wide range of magicks, he can achieve many goals others may find impossible, and he is an expert at bringing power to a singular point of expression. He has great strength as well as durability even for a dragon, and thanks to his wide range of knowledge can fight almost as well as he can cast spells.


    Classification: Warrior 7, Guardian 7, Guide 8, Healer 6, Mystic 10, Generalist 10, Specialist 1

    Age: ~10,000 Years

    Offerings: He prefers candle offerings.

    Level: 28

    • Preconjure Purchase

       When purchasing a preconjure we ask that you save their images and descriptions to your local media such as phone, computer, or other services.


      We are no longer sending e-mails out containing that information, but WILL let you know when we have sent a preconjure over.


      This expediates the process for us, letting us keep our pricing low compared to our unprecedented levels of power, as well allowing us to offer better deals more often. This also means we can be much faster for large preconjure orders in getting them out to our clients. On phones you can easily screen shot the images and descriptions for your records, and on other devices there are easy options to save images, and copy descriptions to your choice of offline or cloud based document services.

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