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Attunement Creation - Familiar Beings & Servitors

Attunement Creation - Familiar Beings & Servitors

$30.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price

Sometimes what you need for your spirits, beings, servitors, or other familiar entities is a long term powerful boost to their abilities. While we offer many attunements already, the ability to create an attunement and pass it to another is a skill we are very proud to have and utilize. This service is for that purpose. When purchasing this service, it is to be combined with other services from our Blessing or Ritual Categories.

We have a veriety of options to combine with these services, be sure to choose the one that fits best.

Unique: The attunement will be made with the powers you've instructed, from the ritual or blessing service, and will provide a unique manifestation in the realms which we will detail for you in a writeup when we are done attuning your familiar conjure/servitor.


Specialized: You define the power or ability of the attunement. Remember this should be singular focus, and sub focuses, or side focuses remove power from the attunements core ability. So for example a shielding attunement using one of our ritual services will provide a powerful shield. A shielding attunement that brings luck and heightened awareness will be splitting the power into 3 directions, which results in a greater loss of power than just a 3 part division in practice. Where unique attunements may manifest higher levels of power without this limtiation, specialized attunements are honed to a very specific purpoe by you. There is no writeup included in these. This does not mean the attunement may not have unique manifestations, you could include "Armor that suits their form and fighting style" for a powerful armor attunement, but we would not provide a writeup now or in the future on how that armor manifests.

Specialized Replicating: This attunement can replicate among your entire keep. It can not copy an exiting function of a listed attunement from our site, nor will we copy from another practitioners attunement. It must be created as a specialized attunement, so you will need to define its power or abiltiy and any manifestations in the planes. Replicating attunements require a double purchase of the Ritual or Blessing being used, one for the core attunement, and one for the replicating feature of it alongside any cost increase for creating a replicating attunement listed here. If a double purchase is not made, we will reduce the power by half.

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