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  • Bangalmore

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    $168.00Sale Price

    10% Off Each Additional - Up to 40%

    A massive blue monitor lizard, he is larger than a lion, and has studied in a great many areas of magick, mysticism, combat, and other fields. He focuses on the use of music and rhym spells amplifying himself and others, and then utilizing those forces to fill the role he needs to for those around him. His power to amplify others is excellent, but it almost tripples on himself, letting him fill any role to an acceptable level, and become a good pinch hitter in any situation. He has a wide range of focuses, and loves all forms of games, art, and music. He's a pleasure to be around, and easy to get along with.

    Classification: Warrior 5, Guardian 5, Guide 6, Healer 6, Mystic 7, Generalist 9

    Age: ~800 Years

    Offerings: Any are accepted, candle and incense preferred

    Level: 24

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