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Conventional Class Servitor (CCS)

Conventional Class Servitor (CCS)


Conventional Class Servitors (CCS) – Simple Servitors

Our class of simpler servitor, lacking true free will but still having complex intellect are the Conventional Class Servitor type servitor. The CCS servitors are suited for situations where free will would get in the way of the design, and are suited for any complex tasks. Lacking free will they do not grow and change the way our Transcendent Class Servitor does. CCS are not capable of forming a Soul Sword as they lack a subconscious, but can accept Soul Forged Gear, and can utilize a version of Divine Ki once attuned. For our CCS we ask that you provide a full design for the servitor, and no write-up will be provided beyond what you've submitted to us.

With all our Servitor Creation Services we create the servitors we can either use your design as a final working form so there will be no write up, we will simply send them to you once completed, or you can allow us creative freedom in the implementation of the servitor and we'll include a write up of the things we've added to them in terms of abilities and functions. Servitors should be made with a focus or goal in mind, and ones designed with too many extraneous abilities may be weaker as they become more generalist instead of specialist. Servitors should be limited to 3 unique or special abilities within their design without prior contact with us to discuss the details of a design. Servitors based on a template however, if you can provide information on that template or online resources, will include the abilities of the template up to the capability and power rating of the servitor.

While TCS can feel, have emotions, have preference, ideals, and be fully fledged persons in a very real sense, they lack the level of free will an ATS does, and are more a "Servitor" and less created life in the way that an ATS is. This means they can be created to love a single person, and never waiver from this, or be created for a single purpose, and have the complete dedication to that, and while they can grow and develop to a degree, they will always be what they were made to be. ATS differ in this in that they can develop as people, and have true free will, while retaining the benefits of being a created life form.

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