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Divine Ki Attunement

Divine Ki Attunement


One of our most powerful attunements and personal go to energy technique. Divine Ki is a method of Ki energy use that works with amplified and condense Ki energy on the same planes and methods that Divine beings work with. It is a power that augments existing energy systems, has been known to strengthen the body, and is nearly limitless in its potential application. Up until now we have not offered this service as testing was needed to guarantee the safety of one being Divine Ki attuned but we have now reached a point that through use of Divine Ki and Reiki 3 we can attune a person to Divine Ki in such a way that it is safe and well for them to do so. We must set up a time for you to receive this attunement when you choose this service. You will also need to send us a picture of yourself BEFORE attunement is done.

Compared to most other services we consider Divine Ki attunements to be three to four times more powerful than any other option. Divine Ki attunements however require skill from the practitioner to use after attuned, so are suited only for other practitioners to use. For a practitioner who is skilled Divine Ki attunement is considered the best option, for someone not practicing magick themselves Divine Ki has little value compared to having a ritual done for the client.

  • Mysticism Level:

    Divine Ki defies our existing level system, as it is highly dependent on level of effort put in after the attunement is passed. As it unlocks the full power available to a person at use, and has multiple levels that can be reached with training and effort it is highly variable. Since each individuals available level of power is different, on average we estimate this to be at a Majorus Level, with the potential to increase to far beyond the Grandius level of power.


    For more information on levels see our terminology page here.


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