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E-Mail Consultation

E-Mail Consultation


E-Mail Consultations are a great oportunity for us to help you through e-mail with your spiritual or mystical issues. An e-mail consultation is our providing extended advice on a question, or situation, that we can read in one or two pages of text, and reply to in a minimum of one paragraph, but generally most often one to two pages of text with advice, and direction to take to aid you in your spiritual growth. It's a great way to get some advice on training, dream interpretation, or directions you can and should take in your spiritaul journey.


E-Mail consultations account for the initial question, our reply, and 2 - 3 supplementary smaller e-mails to help clarify any points of question after that. We may extend those e-mails to more than that at our discretion if they are all small points of clarity or concern, and not full responses being required. 


With all e-mail services, we respond as quickly as we are able to, and we reserve the right to consider a question too personal to invest in, though that is a rarity. In any situation in which we feel we can not perform this service, a store credit will be issued as a coupon code to you. 


Contact us Here with your Question after ordering!

E-mail consultations are NOT needed for services questions, requests for a new service to be listed, suggestions for services, suggestions for general articles or shows to be done by us, or things related to services. For readings we provided the same 2 - 3 supplementary e-mail exchanges to help clarify any points of question or concern, free of charge. For work related services we provided 2 to 3 e-mail exchanges to clarify points on work free of charge. An e-mail exchange is an initial e-mail, the reply, and the response. So 3 e-mail exchanges would be 3 responses from us past our initial response, we do not count your replies and questions as a separate exchange.

This is not needed for simple life updates, where one is just informing us of progress in their life, or situations where it is a friendly communication. This is for advice. Letting us know you enjoyed working with your spirits, that spells were helpful, or that you enjoyed a service is considered standard communications. This is for requests for advice, guidance, and continuation of understanding beyond what is provided in a service. Most attunements provide a month of answering any questions and aiding with training in that attunement free of charge.

This is not an apprenticeship service, though it can aid in  training.

This service is intended for a question that may include background up to 2 pages of text, and can be answered as a singular question, though it may include other questions. This should relate to training, or a situation in which you are asking about what you can do, to better your mystical practice or methods.  If the situation is so complex that it requires more than 2 pages of text, this may be better suited with a live consultation,  or chat consultation service. Find those services here!

This service is not for ritual creation, we have a separate service listed for that.

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