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Eevair Shinefall
  • Eevair Shinefall

    $250.00 Regular Price
    $150.00Sale Price

    A beautiful Golden Elf of Nature, she has long blond hair, and a calming presence. She has vast powers over many areas including nature and several elements, and unique forms of healing.

    Personality: Friendly with an incredibly calming nature. Her presence creates a calm all around it, and where she is there is a sense of peace and harmony all about.

    Abilities: She has vast power over nature, in the planes having a kind of dominant nature power. Where she goes, nature flourishes as does life. This gives her incredible healing and rejuvenating powers, amplifying all those around her. She is a Sorceress however and has more than just nature magick at her her disposal. She sports powerful Fire, Ice, and Water magicks letting her utilize any number of elemental effects on a foe at will, or protect herself, her keeper, and the keep easily by using these vast powers.

    Golden Nature Elf, long golden, power over nature and healing energies, long blond hair, beautiful Elven woman. Sorceress, nature, fire, ice, water, and rejuvenation magicks.

    Age:~2,000 Years

    Offerings: All forms of incense, but inceses used in religious temples of any kind are most favored.

    Level: 25

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