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Energy Reading

Energy Reading


Energy Reading is a kind of focused projection that allows us to look at your energy body for strengths, weaknesses, and also provide advice on how to strengthen these weak points. It's good for finding imbalances, disturbances, and other such things. Energy Reading, unlike other workings, doesn't act as a solution in and of itself, but allows us to give you options that we feel would help with those imbalances or disruptions.


We do our energy reading at our convenience, using passive energy reading methods so there is no disruption to your day to day life. Unlike a healing service, this does not need to be accepted, or scheduled as a result.


Energy Reading can be for Chakras, The Energy Body, or Both. The Energy body is layers of energy and meridians and we treat this as a separate report, its better for an overall view of energetic health especially if you've found the Chakra system not to your liking. The Chakra Reading is better for understanding individuals chakras, but often provides less information on the overall energetic health outside the core. The combined reading provides the most complete look at both of these and may provide insight into their interaction.

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