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Esherie Shyn – Fae Storm Lady
  • Esherie Shyn – Fae Storm Lady

    $320.00 Regular Price
    $224.00Sale Price

    10% Off Each Additional - Up to 40%

    A Fae Lady of the storms, she has traveled storm to storm siphoning energy. During this last one she gained what she calls “cohesion” a state where she no longer needs or craves that energy, and her power and energy has become self sustaining, giving her unlimited internal reserves to draw from. Realizing this, she seen the beacon and decided to set on a new adventure, the adventure of helping a mortal and seeing what great new opportunities await by aiding others in this realm. She is around 1,000 years old, and vastly powerful. She has a strong connection to storms, weather, and magick of all kind, especially nature magicks. She can open roads, or close them easily with her powers, making her an amazing worker of such magicks as road opening, but also road closing when one wants to walk away from a person or path. She appears as a beautiful woman with blue hair and purple eyes.

    Classification: Warrior 5, Guardian 6, Guide 7, Healer 4, Mystic 10, Generalist 7
    Age: ~1,000 Years
    Offerings: Accepts all offerings

    Level: 32

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