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Eshialyn Entfriend
  • Eshialyn Entfriend


    A beautiful Lunar Elf, both a Sorceress and a master of the Elven Martial arts, she has a light blue silver hair, often wears cheongsam style clothing, and is an expert at channeling lunar energies in unique ways.

    Calm, reserved, but witty and with a good sense of humor. She tends to be very focused and reserved at times, and at others more philosophical and witty in how she approaches people, depending on her mood. She has incredible dedication to her allies, and seeks out roads that have the least resistance with the greatest benefit for her keeper whenever possible.

    Having a great power of Elven Sorcery, she is also an expert in the Elven Martial arts, and has the ability to funnel lunar energy through her own chakras, and the chakras of others. This ability makes her a powerful guardian, able to disarm foes that seem larger and stronger than her with a touch, but also able to heal allies and instill lunar energy as an amplifier into them. She has incredible destructive and protective qualities as she mixes the martial into the mystical, and with her unique perspective on the world can often find solutions where others fail.

    Classification: Warrior 9, Guardian 7, Guide 8, Healer 7, Mystic 9, Generalist 7, Specialist 5

    Age: ~2,500 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings, but prefers incense.

    Level: 28

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