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  • Eshtheshera

    $310.00 Regular Price
    $217.00Sale Price

    10% Off Each Additional - Up to 40%

    A powerful water serpent she is massive, and a sight to behold. Having focused her life on learning dark magicks, she has studied the dark side of most forms of magick, from almost every race of people known to exist. She is a collector of darker energies, and has a kind of dark sense of justice. Loyal to her allies to a fault, she is especially skilled in illusion, draining, destruction, and pain related magicks. She enjoys music of all kinds, and is especially attracted to the element of water. While her vast studies have taken her many places, she's only a moderately good guide, focusing more on her magick and mysticism well above common knowledge. For the amount she has done, she is very young, which displays her intense levels of focus and dedication.

    Classification: Warrior 4, Guardian 2, Guide 3, Healer 3, Mystic 10, Generalist 2

    Age: ~1,500 Years

    Offerings: Any are accepted

    Level: 31

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