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  • Esverforoth


    A powerful Blue Dragon woman, she can appear as a beautiful woman with black hair wearing a dark blue dress, or as a blue dragon. She has power over elemental lightning energies that give her a vast array of options.

    Friendly, compassionate, and most of the time very easy going. She has a very serious side when the need arises, and has a bit of an ego because of her power and abilities. Still, for the most part, she remains humble, unless challenged to combat, or imposed upon by a negative force, making her a potent guardian who shifts from a calm and kind demeanor to an intense dangerous force.

    She has vast power of what she calls Elemental Lightning forces. These are elemental energies conveyed as lightning, and she has access to Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood, Water, Air, Life, and Death energies equally. These can be conveyed as bolts, shields of energy, or be instilled into weapons or armor. This means she can empower others with the lightning, so for example empowering someone with Earth Lightning it would feel grounding, but also static and energizes, an active earth power. Each elemental force could be considered the “active force” of the element, making the Fire one the most powerful of the offensive options, but allowing more subtle forms like earth to be moving and intense. For manifestation this gives her a unique set of options with the active forces of passive elements being more accessible. Because of her age, she has vast wisdom, and makes a powerful guide and guardian.

    Classification: Warrior 7, Guardian 7, Guide 10, Healer 6, Mystic 7, Generalist 5, Specialist 9

    Age: ~ 8,500 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings, but prefers active energy offerings such as candle flame, incense, or the steam from hot tea left for her and thrown out after

    Level: 38

    • Preconjure Purchase

       When purchasing a preconjure we ask that you save their images and descriptions to your local media such as phone, computer, or other services.


      We are no longer sending e-mails out containing that information, but WILL let you know when we have sent a preconjure over.


      This expediates the process for us, letting us keep our pricing low compared to our unprecedented levels of power, as well allowing us to offer better deals more often. This also means we can be much faster for large preconjure orders in getting them out to our clients. On phones you can easily screen shot the images and descriptions for your records, and on other devices there are easy options to save images, and copy descriptions to your choice of offline or cloud based document services.

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