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Evocation Sigil

Evocation Sigil


In all our evocation guides we recommend highly the use of sigils, symbols, or some form of link to the being to be evoked. In the past the only way to receive such a sigil from us was through one of our own conjures, but now we offer this as a separate service. This allows us to keep our conjure prices lower for those who have no wish to practice the art of evocation but also expand this valuable service to everyone and every conjure. Our sigils will, unless specified otherwise, use intuitive sigil working methods. Alternatively on request we can focus the sigil on runic methods of sigil creation for the conjure. An evocation sigil provides a powerful link to the being you are working with and is a powerful option. Sigils will be sent to you via e-mail in .jpg or .png format. We will remotely reach out to your being to make a connection with them for sigil/seal creation.

Simple Seals use straight and curved lines, simple shapes like crescent moons, and easily drawn line forms or shapes. Complex Seals may still use these, but open up the option for unique shapes and forms that would be hard to draw. Picking Complex Seals does not ensure the use of more complex shape, as we will always develop the seal for what works best, but selecting a Simple Seal ensures we will only use simple, more easily drawn methods.

AI Seals utilize AI technology to create a seal based on the purpose and information you give us. They are complex, suited for printing. We generate at our discretion between 25 - 100 AI images, and then select the single best. We generally start with 25 images, and if one strikes us as suited, we go with that. We may edit the generated image for clarity, or even remove extranious information from the image that makes it less representative.

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