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Gan Drandelmen
  • Gan Drandelmen

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    A shifter being, he appears as a hansom man with brown hair in his human form, and as a half man half turtle or half man half hawk in his shifter forms. He can move between the forms of a massive truck sized turtle or hawk at will, and through these forms has unique abilities.

    Focused, intense, friendly, kind, and above all dedicated are the best descriptions for his personality. He has a love of understanding our world, and the things we do within it, and has a great interest in history, art, and culture.

    In the planes his shifting abilities allow him to quickly assume the qualities, or partial qualities, of those forms, growing wings to fly, or becoming a massive hawk, covering himself in armor instantly, or changing fully into a turtle. In each form he gains different elemental powers, in his hawk form he is a master of air, and can fire powerful blasts of it, concentrating it into a solid aid. In his turtle form he is a master of defense, able to create powerful barriers of earthen energy, and fire blasts of concentrated water. His time to transition is less than a second, and because of this high speed shifting ability, he can easily move between forms at a moments notice changing his powers, one moment being airborn and firing blasts of wind, almost impossible to hit, and in the next slamming into the ground and creating a safe zone around himself. This makes him a powerful aid to other conjures in any defensive situation, as he can move in, set up a perimiter, and even create a kind of castle structure around himself and others. He is also an expert shield worker in his turtle form.

    His shifting abilities make him excellent at shifting situations, and helping his keeper learn their own animal shifting nature whatever that may be. He's good at healing, and to some degree road opening because of this as well.

    Classification: Warrior 7, Guardian 7, Guide 3, Healer 5, Mystic 7, Generalist 10

    Age: ~407 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are welcome to him.

    Level: 24

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