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Gargoyles are stone statues found on many European cathedrals and churches. They are often depicted as creatures with large, batlike wings and a fearsome presence. Gargoyles are used as spiritual protectors and are believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energies.


Gargoyles are known for their fierce and protective nature, and are often called upon to ward off negative energies, entities, and malevolent spirits. This makes them a powerful spiritual ally to have, particularly for those who are looking to secure their spiritual practice against psychic attacks or negative influences. Moreover, Gargoyles are skilled at navigating the unseen realms and can provide insight and guidance during spiritual development. They are also known for their strength and resilience, and can help practitioners to develop inner fortitude and a deep sense of willpower. Through working with a Gargoyle familiar, practitioners can develop a stronger connection to their own inner strength, and learn to resist the influence of negative energies and outside forces. With their help, individuals can cultivate a sense of spiritual empowerment and a deeper sense of grounding and protection, helping them to navigate the spiritual journey with greater confidence and clarity.


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