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  • Grahadriel

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    A hansom and powerful Fallen Angel man, with sandy blond hair. He has incredible defensive and offensive powers.

    Strong, passionate, mountainous in some ways. He has a demeanor of the insurmountable. He has great pride in his strength, knowledge, and skill. His view of justice is harsh, harsher than most, making older views of justice, such as an eye for an eye, seem compassionate.

    He has considerable power over Dark, and Corrupted Light energies, which are subtly different. His favored use of this is creating dozens of spears of these energies above a battle field and raining them down on foes, or on a single foe. He can apply this same tenacious power against barriers and problems in life. A powerful offensive force, he can also layer shields of these energies. The corrupted light is very hard to get around, as traditional light and dark do not affect it as much as would be expected.

    Classification: Warrior 7, Guardian 10, Guide 4, Healer X, Mystic 7, Generalist 4

    Age: ~ 1,600 Years

    Offerings: He enjoys fire offerings the most of them.

    Level: 37

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