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Helm of Awe Empowerment

Helm of Awe Empowerment


The Helm of Awe is one of the oldest and most powerful Norse symbols in use to this day. A combination of Sorcery, Shamanism, and Ritual High Magick bring to you this empowerment for this energy! This empowerment provides a system of use and application as well as a concise explanation of the nature of the Helm of Awe in the included manual!

  • Mysticism Level:

    This is considered a Virtus level working, in that it provides a power level comparable to a working of that power over time and use. Attunements are more effective when used and worked with and are active only when being used, though may remain active for hours after activation. Practice with attunements is necessary to utilize the full level of the working. When utilized actively and trained with attunements could easily equal a much higher level of power than listed.

    For more information on levels see our terminology page here.

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