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Kageden Rawflame
  • Kageden Rawflame


    A powerful male Red Dragon Sorcerer, he has power over fire and ash, as well as necromancy. His name is pronounced Kah-Gah-Den, and when not in dragon form he appears as a Sorcerer with no hair wearing black and red mystical robes. He appears as a black and red dragon in his dragon form.

    Intense, but also friendly, he has a unique kind of “passionate calm” almost like a rumbling that emanates from his presence alone. He has a dark sense of justice, feeling that a little extra more than is “balanced” is necessary to prevent relapses from foes.

    He has vast power over ash, flame, and energies of that nature. Utilizing ash and flame he can access necromantic powers through the essence of ashes, call forth the willing dead to serve him if they have been creamated, and summon flames of the underworld.

    Classification: Warrior 5, Guardian 8, Guide 5, Healer 0, Mystic 9, Generalist 6, Specialist 9

    Age: ~1,000 Years

    Offerings: Candle Offerings primarily.

    Level: 26

    • Preconjure Purchase

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      We are no longer sending e-mails out containing that information, but WILL let you know when we have sent a preconjure over.


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