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Kageden Rawflame
  • Kageden Rawflame

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    A powerful male Red Dragon Sorcerer, he has power over fire and ash, as well as necromancy. His name is pronounced Kah-Gah-Den, and when not in dragon form he appears as a Sorcerer with no hair wearing black and red mystical robes. He appears as a black and red dragon in his dragon form.

    Personality: Intense, but also friendly, he has a unique kind of “passionate calm” almost like a rumbling that emanates from his presence alone. He has a dark sense of justice, feeling that a little extra more than is “balanced” is necessary to prevent relapses from foes.

    Abilities: Red Dragon Sorcerer Man, power over fire as well as ash, meaning he has some power over necromancy and decay energies. Appears as a black and red dragon, also as a sorcerer with no hair wearing black and red mystical clothes. Pronounced Kah-gah-den

    Age: ~1,000 Years

    Offerings: Candle Offerings primarily.

    Level: 26

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