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Kami are spiritual beings from Japanese mythology. They are often associated with nature and the elements and are believed to be present in all living things. Kami are typically depicted as benevolent, beautiful entities that possess great power and wisdom. We conjure Kami who are unattached and have no other duties, but may have an affiliation such as to an idea or ideal, phenomenon, place, or type of object. They have chosen to take on the journey to working with humans. Examples include Storm Kami, Rock Kami, Kami of Justice, Kami of Compassion, minor Kami of a Town, the Kami of a tree that has been felled or died, or a generalized wandering Kami who has no other affiliation.


Working with a Kami as a familiar conjure can help to provide guidance and insight into difficult situations. Kami are often used to bring blessings and good fortune into one's life, and can be called upon for protection and defense against negative energies and entities. Kami may also be used to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment.


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