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Mahira Daw' Alqamar
  • Mahira Daw' Alqamar

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    A beautiful Marid Djinn of Lunar Ice, Water, and Wind she has a subtle but unique nature and a vast array of powers and forces at her command.

    Joyful, fun loving, and even a bit sensual she has a seductive air to her, and a powerful presence. While she does not require sensuality from a keeper she isn't opposed to it. She is, by her nature, a being of pure intensity, and it shows in the way she walks, talks, and thinks.

    Ice, Water, and Wind are her domain, but they are a moonlight charged version. This means the Ice she creates spreads fast, the water is intense and stronger to strike with, and the wind cuts sharp. Her powers allow her to be an incredible guardian, but also a powerful healer, instilling moonlight energies into her abilities. Each element gains some of the essence of the moon phase currently in happening. Waning abilities drain, while waxing boost the power and intensity, the Full Moon give an intense increase to the raw force of her powers, while the Dark Moon allows her to become stealthy in the use of them. So for example in energetic healing, using the waning moon would allow her to heal things harder to see or find energetically with her water element, or with her wind become invisible if the need was there.

    With such a vast array of abilities she can fill most roles, but she is particularly suited to events where a subtle and rhythmic shift of situations is needed. Her powers center around balance and imbalance, and she is excellent at applying just the right amount of balance to achieve a goal, or imbalance to create an opportunity.

    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 6, Guide 7, Healer 7, Mystic 9, Generalist 10

    Age: ~4,500 Years

    Offerings: She prefers water as an offering, but will accept any.

    Level: 25

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