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Mehyorha Eversight
  • Mehyorha Eversight

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    Part elf, part Fae, she is a master of many forms of magick, and has a kind compassionate soul, inner purity, and powerful presence.

    Compassionate, kind, and peaceful, she is both problem solver and healer, protector and guide, and in this it reflect in her kindhearted nature. That said, pushed to fight she is vicious and utilizes all of her powers, and with a strong sense of justice she is one who disdains evil done to those she cares about.

    Having a mastery of Elven and Fairy magicks from both sides of her family, she is a master of the 4 Elemental Magicks, Planetary Magicks, and Nature Magicks. Beyond this she has a vast understanding of the creation of mystical systems, tools, and spells and is a kind of mystical inventor developing new mystical operations and methods for her own use. She is a great guide thanks to her inquisitive nature, and her powers are exceptional for shielding, healing, and prosperity workings.

    Classification: Warrior 1, Guardian 5, Guide 8, Healer 7, Mystic 10, Generalist 6

    Age: ~1,400 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable to her.

    Level: 27

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