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Mjolnir Attunement

Mjolnir Attunement


Bring forth the power of Mjolnir in your life. Channeled by a true Norseman this is the power of Thor's Hammer brought into your life directly. With the ability to break through all barriers, the power to stand against all giants, and the strength to heal the mightiest of woes Mjolnir is fabled as perhaps the strongest weapon in all mythology. Has been harnessed in the form of an amazing attunement that grants to access to its energies. With the Mjolnir Attunement barriers become inconveniences to be broken down.

Base Level of Power: Compared to most other attunements this is as powerful as most other services. We consider this a "Benchmark Service" and it sets the standard for power.

  • Mysticism Level:

    Mysticism Level:

    This is considered a Virtus level working, in that it provides a power level comparable to a working of that power over time and use. Attunements are more effective when used and worked with and are active only when being used, though may remain active for hours after activation. Practice with attunements is necessary to utilize the full level of the working. When utilized actively and trained with attunements could easily equal a much higher level of power than listed.

    For more information on levels see our terminology page here.

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