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Eye of Odin - Odinic Force

Eye of Odin - Odinic Force


The Eye of Odin is one of my personal tools utilized in my workings, tapping into Odinic forces and energies vast and encompassing. Some may remember the first Eye of Odin talisman, one of our rare "limited talismans" of which there were only two created. The second variation of those, called the Superior Eye of Odin rests only in my possession as a power amplifier. Using it's power though, I can attune companion conjures and servitors to the same currents and forces for considerable gains and increase to power.


They Odinic Force has several primary powers. Each of these listed below is a part of the attunement, and is something your companion can access once attuned. We do let you know which of these your companion favors most strongly after the attunement, as well as any unique secondary manifestations they may have after the attunement.

The Rune Spell Songs -

Help - The first spell calls lesser spirits to the aid of the user, and provides some protection against strife and discord, and removes blockages and barriers to goals they set.


Insight - Which shows insight into the mind of others, especially their wants and needs.


Protection - The stronger protection spell, it's a direct protective spell said to blunt the edge of weapons striking it.


Arrows Bane - A protection against projectile weapons, so long as the wielder can see them, the projectile is deflected harmlessly. This also means if the wielder is aware of the projectile, so even hyper sonic weapons fail against it.


Reverse - Curses and forces turned against the wielder and redirected back to them.


Flame Control - The power to control and reduce fire, rendering it impotent as a force against the wielder. This acts as an energy protection as well.


Peace - A power that directly sooths hatred from enemies, and eases strife among allies and foes alike.


Wind and Waves - Elemental Storm and Oceanic Control, which in the planes can also allow for the creation of storms nad tidal waves.


Anguish - A kind of mental assault, disrupting the mind and will of the target.


Safe Song - A protection to allies, a shielding done through a few words and a song empowered with the energy, all allies gain increased protection against harm.


Nercomancy - Raising dead spirits to lend aid and wisdom to the user. Excellent for gaining information and knowledge from those who have passed.


Directed Protection - Sprinkling some blessed water on an ally provides an even stronger layer of protection, similar to the sword blunting one that the previous spell provides, and stronger than the song protections general abilities.


Knowledge - The spell brings forth true names of Gods, and other higher beings, as well as information about them to the user.


Power - A direct amplifier to the powers a being already has, strength granted to the strong, wisdom granted to the wise, it generally amplifies the user or ally being targeted directly.


Attracting - Intilling trust, and veneration in another, they can be called to be attracted to those of the users choosing.


Repulsion - The opposite of attraction, it can turn those who are harmful away from the target of the spell, making them wish to be far from them.


Besides the Song Spells it has other Manifestations


Gungnir - Odin's spear, as an attunement form grants the power to create a spear of pure Odinic Energy that never misses its target when thrown, and has considerable power in and of itself.

Odin's Eye - This manifestation is a deep insight and power itself. It allows an awareness of past, present, and future for the one using it.

Odinic Power - A direct flow of Odinic Power, granting the user considerable  power and the ability to wield the energy more directly.

Traveler's Power - Odin is the God of Travel both to the underworld, and othe realms. This grants that power to the wielder and allows them to traverse realms easily, calling forth a spectral stead with eight legs to carry them onward.

The Berserker Rage - A battle power, this increases the wielders power extensively for combat, but removes some essence of reason and understanding.


The Deeper Runes - Similar to, but more powerful than the Runic Empowerment, this allows access to all the runes as powers when inscribing them and allows the creation of spell forces.

The Shifting Form - Odin in a time when men did not learn women's magick took on the traits of a woman to learn of their magick. The Shifting Form allows one who uses it to take on magicks of other races and beings so long as they can make contact with them for a time, and incorporate that magickal learning unto themselves. On the battle field this acts almost like a limited copy power, slowly letting the user learn of how other powers, and spells work, and utilize them. It's not a substitute for things like a Soul Sword, or other attunements, but it does allow a level of immediate adaptability, for example understanding the elemental forces of fire better against a flame Soul Sword to redirect some of that fire back at the wielder, or understanding an Ice Soul Sword better to prevent being frozen. 

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