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PSIDEM - PSIRUNE Booster for Companions

PSIDEM - PSIRUNE Booster for Companions


PSIDEM provides a powerful upgrade to either PSIRUNE Essence, or PSIRUNE Manifest abilities. By expanding the existing attunements into dimensional energies, PSIDEM amplifies not just the uses of these other attuneemnts, but also their overall power.


PSIDEM when used with a PSIRUNE Essence attunement expands the powers into Time, Space, External, and Internal Dimensional forces allowing the PSIRUNE Essence attunement to carry its power into new areas, but also alowing beings to craft and shape powerful spells and workings with those dimensional energies.

PSIDEM When applied to PSIRUNE Manifest grants dimensional energy into the specific weapons, armor, or powers manifested. This amplifies the power considerably, in the case of powers, and provides greater range and manifestation options. For weapons and armor it extends a dimensional energy INTO the weapons and armor, allowing them to often shift dimensional energies to either prevent damage, or circumvent protections in a fight.


PSIDEM is applied to an individual PSIRUNE Attuneemnt, such as Essence, or Manifest. If you have multiple PSIRUNE Manifests, PSIDEM can be purchased multiple times to augment them. If you have PSIRUNE Essence already amplified for a companion PSIDEM can push it even further!

Can this attunement be amplified by the Soul Force Power Upgrade?

Yes! Soul Force and PSIRUNE are comaparable levels of power which do things in wildly different ways, but PSIRUNE can benefit from a Soul Force Power increase, however it is at least as powerful as a Soul Force Hidden Powers Attunement, so its not necessary to upgrade right away!


Remember to send us the information on your companion being, and their previous PSIRUNE Attunement to our e-mail contact here.

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