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PSIDEM - PSIRUNE Part 2, Dimensions

PSIDEM - PSIRUNE Part 2, Dimensions


This attunement is Part 2 of The PSIRUNE series of attunements. Where PSIRUNE Focused on the Psychic Elemental Forces, PSIDEM Focuses on Dimensional Forces. PSIDEM Expands and amplifies PSIRUNE's power directly, but also provides new forces to work with.


Journey into the world of Dimesnional Magick and Psychic Energy with PSIDEM. Dimensional energies are unique, powerful forces that can provide ways of achieve your goals, provide protection, and achieve great things. Dimensional energies circumvent the traditional elemental paradigms in one aspect, and amplify them in another, making everything you've learned and done with PSIRUNE that much more powerful and flexible.

PSIDEM both boosts, and relies on the original PSIRUNE attuneemnt, without the PSIRUNE Attunement, PSIDEM will not function. Do not purchase PSIDEM wtihout PSIRUNE first. Utilizing PSIDEM without PSIRUNE can and will have unforseen consequences to physical, psychic, spritual, and energetic health. If you purchase PSIRUNE and PSIDEM at the same time, accept the PSIRUNE Attunement first, wait one week, and then accept the PSIDEM attuneemnt. The energies will still be there and available for you.

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