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PSIRUNE - Essence Companions

PSIRUNE - Essence Companions


PSIRUNE is an attunement for spirits, beings, and servitors of all kinds that unlocks the ability to channel psychic energy in the form of different elements. Those who receive this attunement are believed to become more in tune with the world around them, allowing them to manipulate the elements of earth, air, water, fire, metal, wood, light, and dark in various ways. Depending on the individual's personal abilities and preferences, they may choose to specialize in one or more elements, mastering their unique properties in order to harness their power. PSIRUNE is incredibly powerful and those who have undergone the process of attunement often showcase impressive displays of elemental manipulation. Overall, PSIRUNE is often seen as a powerful tool for spiritual growth, expanding power, personal development, and manifesting new abilities.


PSIRUNE is an extraordinary energy field that manifests exceptional abilities linked to the psychic elemental forces. It is a harmonious fusion of the energies derived from the psychic elements of earth, air, water, fire, metal, wood, light, and dark. The Psychic elements possess the remarkable capability to harness vast energies, enabling them to perform feats that appear utterly impossible to mere mortals. Their repertoire of abilities encompasses the creation of psychic shields, psychic armor, and psychic weapons, all of which possess an awe-inspiring level of power.


The energy of earth can bestow upon the wielder the ability to erect a formidable psychic shield, providing impregnable protection against physical assaults. The ethereal energy of air empowers the wielder to construct a psychic shield that fortifies the mind, rendering it impervious to mental attacks. Water energy, on the other hand, grants the wielder the power to erect a psychic shield that effectively repels any onslaught of emotional energy. The fiery energy of fire enables the PSIRUNE user to create a psychic shield that effectively neutralizes energetically charged attacks. The infusion of metal energy endows the wielder with the ability to erect a psychic shield that offers comprehensive protection against physical, emotional, and energetic threats as well as providing powerful weapons and direct physical resistances. Wood energy, in its essence, allows for the creation of  psychic shields and armor that adeptly absorb negative energy. The radiant energy of light presents the PSIRUNE wielder with the potential to forge a psychic shield or psychic armor that provides unparalleled energetic protection from negative energy attacks. Lastly, the enigmatic dark energy confers upon the wielder the ability to fashion psychic weapons capable of inflicting damage upon or even obliterating malevolent entities, armor that provides invisibility, and much more.


This attunement grants individuals, spirits, and servitors of all kinds unparalleled access to the vast array of PSIRUNE abilities. It is important to note that we do not provide a detailed breakdown of the specific abilities acquired, as they are incredibly diverse within this version of the attunement. However, rest assured that access to all elemental energies is guaranteed.


For those seeking a more concentrated manifestation of power, the "PSIRUNE - Manifest" attunement offers a heightened focus. This can take the form of empowering armor or weapons infused with the formidable PSIRUNE Elemental forces. Alternatively, individuals may opt for a more limited focus, honing in on a select few of the primary elemental forces, including earth, air, fire, water, metal, wood, light, or dark.


Embrace the extraordinary potential that awaits with this attunement, as it unlocks the boundless capabilities of PSIRUNE. Prepare for your companions to embark on a journey of unparalleled power and mastery over the psychic elemental forces that shape the energetic realms.

The PSIRUNE - Essence attunement includes no writeup when completed as it provides full and equal access to all of the PSIRUNE powers. PSIRUNE Manifest is considred a denser and stronger version of the PSIRUNE attunement, but lacks the generalized qualities of PSIRUNE - Essence which allow it to be so effective over a wide range of uses.


Is PSIRUNE - Essence stronger or weaker than  PSIRUNE - Manifest?

They are very different applications. PSIRUNE Essence is built around imparting the attunement EXACTLY in the way we would to a human, and in that, no unique manifestations are gained. It's more adaptable than PSIRUNE - Manifest which condenses the attunement into a singular point of form and power, but a little less directly powerful.


How does PSIRUNE - Essence Compared to a Personal PSIRUNE Attunement for myslef?
PSIRUNE - Essence is only available for spirits, conjures, and servitors for one, but in general attunements used by a person, for themselves, are significantly stronger in their manifestation. That said, as a power upgrade PSIRUNE - ESSENCE has an unprecedented level of adaptability in what it grants companion beings. Where PSIRUNE - Manifest could be compared to a more advanced version of our Soul Force attunements, but with more growth. Soul Force Attunement, on average, will be a little stronger than a PSIRUNE version.

Can this attunement be amplified by the Soul Force Power Upgrade?

Yes! Soul Force and PSIRUNE are comaparable levels of power which do things in wildly different ways, but PSIRUNE can benefit from a Soul Force Power increase, however it is at least as powerful as a Soul Force Hidden Powers Attunement, so its not necessary to upgrade right away!

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