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PSIRUNE - Manifest for Companions

PSIRUNE - Manifest for Companions


The PSIRUNE Manifest Attunement offers a highly concentrated application of Psychic energy tailored specifically for your companion. By channeling the PSIRUNE attunement into a singular point of manifestation, your companion gains the ability to unleash a distinct power. This power can be honed towards combat-oriented armor and weapons that are exclusively created for them. Alternatively, they can explore a specialized fusion of the elemental PSIRUNE Forces, unlocking a plethora of new and extraordinary abilities across a wide range of possibilities.


Embrace the bold potential of the PSIRUNE Manifest, empowering your companion with unparalleled strength and versatility. With this unique manifestation, they will become a force to be reckoned with, capable of wielding their powers in ways that surpass imagination. Whether they choose to dominate the battlefield with their customized armaments or harness the elemental forces to unlock new dimensions of power, the PSIRUNE Manifest will elevate their abilities to extraordinary heights. Prepare to witness the awe-inspiring transformation as your companion harnesses the true essence of the PSIRUNE Manifest.

PSIRUNE - Manifest includes a writeup of the powers and/or abilities manifested with the PSIRUNE attunement process. Select Combat for a weapon and armor combination, or Abilities for unique PSIRUNE abilities.  Feel free to include special requests.

PSIRUNE - Manifest includes a writeup on your companions new abilities!

F.A.Q. -

Is PSIRUNE - Manifest stronger or weaker than PSIRUNE - Essence?

It's different, the direct abilities it brings forth are stronger than a similar abilities mimiced with PSIRUNE - Essence. It however is less adaptable as it is always limited to either a unique manifestation that uses all of the PSIRUNE Elements, or it is limited to no more than 3 Combination Elements of the core 8 as part of the manifestation in abilities,  or an armor or weapons set.

What are PSIRUNE Armor and Weapons like?
Comparable to a Soul Sword in some ways, PSIRUNE Weapons and Armor tend to be as powerful, in some instances stronger, than a Soul Sword, but are always confined to a single weapon and armor type. The weapons and armor do grow in power though as the user works with them more, gaining greater power over time. PSIRUNE - Manifest can be combined with other copies of itself for more manifestation options, or combined with PSIRUNE - Essence to add greater diversitility. and flexibility.

Can this attunement be amplified by the Soul Force Power Upgrade?

Yes! Soul Force and PSIRUNE are comaparable levels of power which do things in wildly different ways, but PSIRUNE can benefit from a Soul Force Power increase, however it is at least as powerful as a Soul Force Hidden Powers Attunement, so its not necessary to upgrade right away!

I'm not happy with my PSIRUNE - Manifest attunement. I'd like it reformed!

We're sorry to hear that, but the PSIRUNE - Manifest can't be reformed. You can though instead order a PSIRUNE - Manifest with specifics into how you want the manifestation to occur!

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