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Ravenflame Sirawall
  • Ravenflame Sirawall

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    A dark elf mystic warrior, he appears as a man with pale white skin, pointed ears, white hair, and wearing a wide brimmed hat. Carrying in a pair of holsters a pair of curved wands which look almost like a pair of hand guns, he is a master duelist. He is by nature a warrior in a very real sense, but he makes war with mysticism and magick. He can empower either wand with elemental energies from any elemental type he has encountered, meaning even if he faces a new type of energy he can study it and reproduce it in his weapons. The weapons can fire pinpoint blasts, almost like bullets, which is the default, but can also be set to charge up and fire wide area, long range, explosive, or all manner of other elemental energy blast types. In close range he can form elemental energy blades on the end of the wands and become a whirling dynamo of destruction.


    Personality wise he is incredibly calm, almost like a Shaolin monk, with an innate and deep dedication to his art, training, and way of life. That said, outside of training and study, he enjoys poetry, music, art, and classic areas of interest. He is loyal, dedicated, wise. While he is a warrior who has seen much war, this gives him a unique perspective on the world around him making him a competent guide, and he has a surprising depth of skills in lesser magicks, giving him a greater variety than his core focus would suggest.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 3, Guide 7, Healer 3, Mystic 5, Generalist 5

    Age: ~2,300

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable.

    Level: 32

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