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Rinku Tenkuushin
  • Rinku Tenkuushin


    A powerful sky dragon, he appears as a young man in white combat robes, or as a white, blue, and light green dragon. He has powerful abilities associated with air, wind, and change.

    Easy to get along with, fun loving, and joyous to be around, he is the essence of a gentle breeze in a lot of ways when it comes to interaction. While he enjoys humor he is not a trickster, and has a serious side when it comes to things like honor and respect. He loves being in motion, and enjoys all forms of sports.

    Vast power over the air and wind. He can easily shift wind currents to cut like blades, act as barriers, or even channel lightning easily. In his human form he has greater mobility than his dragon form, and flies like a leaf on the wind through the air when in battle, in Dragon form his elemental powers are far vaster. He tends to carry a short sword in human form. The element of air is a powerful element of thought, changes, and connected to essences of wealth in nature magick, so he has considerable influence in these areas.

    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 7, Guide 4, Healer 2, Mystic 5, Generalist 4, Specialist 9

    Age: ~1,000 Years

    Offerings: Incense is his favored, but candle flame is good as well.

    Level: 32

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