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Runahild Spearbreaker
  • Runahild Spearbreaker

    $320.00 Regular Price
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    A beautiful Valkyrie woman with long auburn hair. She has no wings normally, with her wings being constructs of energy when she manifests them, and is a master of weapons. She creates weapons from the same energies as she does her wings, and is a valiant and capable warrior. She manifests both classic and modern weapons, and favors short swords, fighting knives of the modern variety, cross bows, and machine pistols. She can imbue all of her weapons with elemental power, and can imbue an energetic poison in her ranged weapons that slowly degrades the power of a foe. She is the essence of the statement “a good defense is a good offense.”


    Outside of battle, she is an amazing advisor. Having served Odin as both a patrol leader, investigator, and hunter (of escaped criminals) she has had a wide range of experiences. This wide range means she has learned the nature of the worlds and knows how people think, act, and interact.


    In terms of down time, when she isn't training, she often spends her time helping others in growing in strength. She loves to help others experiment and test new techniques or abilities. She also enjoys spending time simply relaxing, often writing poetry as a way of flexing her mental muscles.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 4, Guide 9, Healer 0, Mystic 3, Generalist 3

    Age: ~3,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 32

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